Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unicorn unicorn!

♥Love & To Be Loved

 I wanna dream of unicorn tonight. :)

Every morning I wake up and I'll give myself a big smile. Never frown because you lost something that is unworthy. In fact, smile because the best is yet to come. Whatever will be, eventually will be.

Like they told me, they don't pity me because I'm not losing something worth keeping. Keep on smiling because you never know who will fall to that smile again. :3 

Nights loves.

Yours truly in little red dress.



Never look back & keep on smiling.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

A letter to my Guardian angel.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hola loves. New year is around the corner so do you have any plan in mind already? Hehe! As for me,I'm still having dilemma whether to travel down Kayelle for a suite party with him and the friends or I'll just spend my newyear here. Ugh why there is only one day holiday. I should've a week at the very least lol!

Well, I know people are started to question around how I am after everything happened. And frankly it was hard. But after everything happened here and there, every immature, irresponsible and childish act of him, I'm glad I let this go. And to found people better around me and WITH ME, I'm living a better life. I just hope my money will be returned ASAP as I know he can spend for his leisure but never return me. Once the money is returned, I can totally rid from everything, once and for all and move on with someone who truly love me.

To the angel of mine,

Thanks for pampering me all these while. Thanks for treating me like your only one while you've so many girls after you. Yet you can give me the most secureness ever.
Most importantly., thanks for waiting for me all this while and gave me plenty of times to get over and start over. I promise you I'll try my best.
You totally changed my mind, someone's rich and good-looking is not necessary a cheater/playboy/scumbag. In fact, they can be quite decent and loyal. Since I met someone who doesn't have that qualifications but cheating/partying/show-off are his hobby. I was so blind, I admit.
Do not wait for me okay? :) Everything will be, eventually will be. <3 p="p">

With lotsa love,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pieces of my 2012!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Is the Xmas atmosphere still linger around? I hope everyone had a blessed Xmas. I, myself, immersed in the most blissful and peaceful Christmas this year. Not too wild and fanatical but at the very least I was with my dearest precious all through this Christmas. Was utterly distraught a day back because was being ignored. That wasn't the worst feeling ever, worried about him is. Perhaps we never got lost intact for this long. My mind was in tumult as I was worried something bad happened to him. Well, its not even close.

However, time to move on. My current situation become my loves' concerns. All of them are trying to keep me occupied and I really feel blessed and loved. I can't express how much you guys touched my heart. I swear.

Since my previous posts were quite depressing for current jubilee, I guess a few pictures would add to the gaiety of this joyful season. What did you do throughout the year? For mine, this has been a rocky year for me, but I believe bad days don't last long. In fact I'm looking forward for better year 2013 ahead. *fingers crossed*

I've so much details to add on every single event. But consider this as teaser to the more detailed one alright? :3

Last minute to Heineken Thirst, which I'll definitely kill myself if I didn't go. 





Coussie love's birthday bash. Hawaiian theme and the party was exaggerating. Paparazzi, traffic polices, red carpet, royalty guests, sports cars as birthday present, you named it.


Coussie Nana is so fricking adorable!

Pre-christmas lunchie to satisfy my Sushi Zanmai's crave! Scallops and salmon were heaven!

Way too extravagance lunch for two.

Company's Xmas eve gifts exchange! Lots of laughter...

And right after my office's gift exchange sessions, I have another gift exchange sessions zomg.
Guess what.. one of them even brought knives! UNBELIEVABLE.


Got dragged to Soju and Cuvee! So there goes my long-time-no-see friends bumping sessions. Lol.
Didn't take picture with 'baby'!Such a small world really! He knows my friends and he doesn't know that those are my friends & I didn't expect that he knows those friends of mine! The most awkward part is he can't recognize me then I've to tell him, I'm XX's ex-girlfriend don't you remember?! And he smacked his head and recalled haha! 
He said I changed a lot. Did I? :/ 


Several house party, the Avare, and so on...

Hello road trip to Kayelle again!
Yours truly.

The loves. Loving this picture even though I look crappy. :(

Sharene spent her Xmas with us instead of her boyfriend lol.

Okay people. Time to hit the sack! I promise I'll blog more alright? <3 p="p">

With loves, Caryne the tough cookie. :P

Sunday, December 23, 2012

♥Love & To Be Loved

Morning early birdies. I'm up early today! Surprise surprise. I'm still having a tad bit hangover from last night's wines and liquors. But aunty made me homemade coffee once I'm off my bed, ahh, it never feels so good cuddling in the comfy sofas sipping a cup of hot aromatic coffee. Not to mention the early morning city view from my current location is breathtaking. I really want to share it with you all, but due to some reason, I couldn't.

I know the blog entry and a Facebook status last night startled most of my friends. I've got plenty of phone calls and texts and whatsapps from my fellow friends to ensure I'm alright. Don't worry loves, I'm perfectly fine. Really. To be frank, I never feel this secured and being appreciated before. Nightmare is over! :)

I survived day 3. In fact, I feel blessed. :3

His current wallpaper lol.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Xmas marks the end of the year, the end of my disastrous relationship. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hola loves.

So 21st December is not the end of the world but its the end of 2 years-disastrous relationship of mine. My friends would know that I never confide my relationship conflicts to them with the concern of people might misunderstood him due to my one-sided and personal opinions. But it truly irks me when I stay quiet, then my personality got all twisted and distorted because of untrue remarks of his especially when he's flirting with a girl or cock-talk with a bro. So yes, I want to speak on my behalf, once and for all.

Although what I was doing last night was crying to myself, deleting every single picture of us and dying inside, I felt better when my phone is clean and rid of the memories. And forgot to mention, what he did was heading out with friends, getting drunk then called me for all those so-called remorseful confessions. But turning around, he started to chat with other girls. Oh please, spare me from all these dramas.

A thing that I really wanna stress here, watch out girls, think twice if he started to so-called 'borrow' money from you but never return. And by giving you all those excuses that 'I don't have money currently' but have totally no problem going to drinks or spending money on anything else. And I really laughed out loud when he said something like he doesn't bother talking to a working lady who feeds on rich guy after knowing I've been hanging out with someone. Says a little boy who feed on girls' hard-earned money. Plus common sense people, if I'm that materialistic, I wouldn't tolerate him and give him chances after so many times he cheated on me or insulted me.

Loyalty wise, right. I wouldn't blame those girls that have been flirted with him. Yes I do hate them but never mind. Karma will serve them right. We are all girls, so if breaking a girl's heart and faith is none of your concern, I believe you'll have yours soon. As for him, it's alright. I admit, I do check his Facebook at some points cause he kept denying what he did and I just have to confirm it! I do admit to him I check his Facebook and I found out rubbish that he'd done. For the record, I'm not clingy AT ALL. The fact is we did not hang out that often and what makes me a clingy girlfriend now? Trying to flirt and destroying my character? Try harder boy. But girls, really? If you do trust everything he said, let's see what happened.

Speaking of attitude, hmm, I wouldn't want to say much. You could ask his close friends (as in those who mingle with him long enough), you would know the truth. But people, backstabbing is really bad. You heard the rumors from others that goes like 'hey, she/he said this and that about you' or 'I know her/him, he's this kinda bastard/bitches', please don't be hesitate and go confront the people that the backstabber mentioned. You will find out that it's not entirely true, not even close. So if you heard something bout me from him or anyone else, please do confront me instead of fully take in and profiling me already.

And t his close friends, I promise there's no turning back. No getting back together. Come to think of it, how worse you can be to cause your close friends to warn the girlfriend about him. You tell me. :) But it's all in the past right now, thanks God, I stood up stronger.

As I'm typing this, I'm already out of town and I'm gonna have some nice warm Xmas pre-celebration with a bunch of nice people. Nice people with better mature mindset, of course haha!

Merry Xmas dolls. Do appreciate your loved one and those who truly treasure you. Never ever let them go. And for those who are as heartbroken as I am, you've gone this far! Let's do this together. :)

Christmas marks the end of the year, and the end of my disastrous relationship. And toast to the beautiful souls in my life.

Yours truly,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town! :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Ohmygee! I can't believe we stepped into December right nao!Don't you feel the excitement already? It's a festive month where my favorite holiday - Christmas is just around the corner. And after Christmas, we gonna countdown to a brand new year, 2013! I can't even concentrate on my work recently because I'm planning a short getaway. I'm in need of a vacation SO BADLY! I'll breakdown any time soon I swear.

Speaking of which, there's an issue that I've encountered lately and I'm really disappointed with that someone. For me, I always think that people are selfish, somehow. We just gotta accept the truth whereby we do take a little advantage of our friends, sometimes, for our own end (provided that it does no harm to anyone). To put it in a better way, we help each others. But to the extent of exploit your friend and abuse their kindness, that is way too far for me to neither understand nor tolerate.

As a matter of fact, in order to thrive and survive in these modern days, being materialistic and realistic are inevitable. However, do not use that as an excuse to make use of/hurt people around you, especially your closest friends and family, to serve the purpose of achieving your ultimate objectives. Don't you think that's pure unethical and immoral? After all, what are you with all those moneys and risk losing all your beloved ones.

 Its a shame that this happened and destroyed such a beautiful friendship. 2013, please be good to me and shower me with lotsa loves. I've had enough disastrous events for this year and I do need a better one :(

 Hola! Yours truly wanna be bubbly happy go lucky just like she used to be! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today was a fairytale.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Why hello, dear blog.

Since there is job scope rotation, there are so much that I have to cope with. That pretty much explains my absence again. Not to  mention, the overloaded pressure to handle the new responsibility allocated to me. It was a mad hectic period, I think I almost gone devastated. Well if you want to succeed, I think there's a saying where it goes 'nothing comes easy'. So yes, massive demands motivate me instead of driving me to negativity. It sorts of inspire me with greater ambition when some issues subvert my every little bit of my efforts or forge my endurance. I grew up and improved as a better person, mentally & physcally. Come to think of it, before the superior entrust you with a greater responsibility, I believe they may have noticed your capability through your job performance no?

Most of the weekends, and of course weekdays, I've been staying in instead of going for drinks or partying. It's like a jaw-dropping news for all my friends. Why yes, I admit I used to party and drink a lot, I still am don't get me wrong, but I rather spend my precious weekends to rest and boost up my energy to deal with the upcoming hustle work life. Its completely exhausting to juggle workloads, family, some important matters and whatnot in life simultaneously.

Moving on, I know I'm utterly distracted recently. What truly irks me is I always say that complaints and regrets are for losers. And now I'm turning into one. I made that decision to forgive and forget a year back. When thing happened, I was being ignorant for 2 months even though I was well aware what was happening. What else you could say, love is blind. I loved him way too dearly,  I was too afraid to let go.

Until then, I got to know a bunch of great buddies who pampered me like I'm a princess, from top to toe. You'll be surprised how attentive they could be even to the most insignificant minor matter. Then it strikes me, I'm not born to be treated unduly. I deserve to be pampered by my loved one, like how my family treasure me. So I braced myself and walked away. Surprisingly, I was doing very well. Out of my expectation, really. I thought I'd be devastated but no, I feel myself again. Its the nicest feeling that you could get rid of the feeling of sleeping with a broken heart, crying yourself to sleep every single night, and being paranoid thinking all about his cheating that you couldn't focus a thing at all.

I could even remember clearly there was once I was staying hometown since I graduated. But never once he came visiting me. None. So I purposely drove all the way to Penang, crash at my friend's crib, like 5 mins away from his stay? He didn't even meet me, at all. I even wandering around hoping he could call me and willing to meet me. In the end? Nope. So I drove all the way back alone, tearing so badly I think my vision was blurred. Thank God I could make it home safely. The second time I went Penang again at night, begging him to meet me, but he just said NO. When we broke up, the only word he threw at me was 'It was put on a plate and he took it, that's every guy's nature', I just smiled. I was sorta relieved that I made the right decision for that moment. I can't believe I've gone that much when I'm typing this out. It was unbearable but I survived. Aren't I?

And then he came back asking for 2nd chance, claiming he'd change. But then it happened again, twice, thrice... I didn't blame anyone frankly. My choice and that makes me the only one to blame. My friends around were cracking their head to get me to understand 'once a cheater, forever a cheater', but what to say, I was too stubborn to listen. By accepting someone's cheating, that pretty much opens up the door for cheating. And if I was cheated and replaced for the reason of being imperfect, I'd accept it and work on my flaws. As a matter of fact, nobody's perfect. But anyway, I won't waste my effort improving myself for a cheater that doesn't worth it.When you tolerate a cheater, it only benefits them for their wrongdoings but hurts us who value.

You don't have the ability/right to change others attitude, but you always have control to amend your life, to make it better. Be better, Caryne. Hang in there cause bad days don't last forever.

You know what I really need right now?
Someone should just say YES and go with me already, no? hehe! Planning planning...

11/13 - Selca before out for dinner w/ him. :)
That night was a fairytale.

Peace out x.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Behind 50.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Why hello Saturday!
Saturday out with ze sister since she needs to get something. So we went Gurney, again, to survey on cupcakes for her friend's birthday. But we couldn't find any. Anyone has any idea where to get nice and cheap cupcakes? Do leave me a comment here. Appreciate much! :)

After that, she kept on bugging me telling me there's a very nice desert shop at love lane area and want me to bring her there. YET she didn't know where exactly the location is. Not to mention, she didn't have the slightest clue of the name of the desert shop. To satisfy her crave, we decided to take a tour around love lane to search for this delicate desert shop of her saying.

We gave up on the we-dont-know-which desert shop and settled for Behind 50 instead. I've been wanting to pay a visit to this exquisite little corner since a lot of bloggers been discussing about it. Well some places, even the food is not really impressive, are worth paying a visit due to the distinctive ambiance.

Sister loves loves LOVES this cozy place because you could find so many antique stuffs and items especially those from your childhood.

Menu choices are pretty limiting plus most of the orders are unavailable so we couldn't try much. But we do notice that most of the customers are only ordering snacks & drinks instead of the dinner meals.

Lunchbox x Radio x Telescopes and etc from childhood.


Typewriter x antique television.



Freelance photographers' artworks all over the wall.


Aww, really nostalgic. I used to have a lot of these novels.

Interesting spot facing the road.

Nothing to be rave about the food as it's pretty mediocre. Instead of the food, I'd say its more to an entire laid-back experience catching up with buddies.

My sister! Do we look alike?



Sisterly love. <3 div="div">

She still prefer my iPhone over her new baby HTC.

Seafood marina pasta. Nothing to be raved about for the sauce but squids & scallops were unexpectedly fresh.

Chicken picata with cheese melting on the top of the chicken breast along with pasta.


Overall, I wouldn't come here for the food as its a tad bit pricey. Food taste doesn't worth the price paid I'd say. Anyway, this little cozy corner is definitely suitable for simple catching-up with friends.

Lastly, yours truly.

Peace out x.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Penang delicacy x Kayelle savoury x Hometown goodies (Part 1)

♥Love & To Be Loved

I've been talking about being on diet all along but bonne bouche are simply irresistable! Having a big-appetite boyfie and due to my low resistance towards good food, we've been eating every goodies around. Sinful temptation really.

Penang is just an extremely small island, but surprisingly you could dig out a lot of gold delights, let it be inside of the shopping mall or some random insignificant hawker stall! I stay in Penang for 5 years already and I still can find something new to eat, from different sources. Well apparently, I have alot of food-hunter buddies around me. :D okay, I'm blaming them for making me growing rounder & rounder haha! :/

So as I mentioned in the previous post, we went down Kayelle for DG's party and guess what we've been doing for the next few days. Shopping & eating! :D Thanks to boyfie's aunties, found a few places that serve really good food. I'm really regret that I didn't take any picture for one of the restaurants we had tried. It was located somewhere inside a taman near Tropicana mall. Very tricky small roads that I couldn't figure out till now. But they served the BEST indo tauhu. I just tried it for the very first time, but I just couldn't stop eating that. Gahh, I miss it already :( why we don't have it here in Penang!? I wanna let my mum try so that she could figured how to cook that for us in the future! *evil grins*

Besides that, we went to this Yip Hup Kee yong tau hu shop which is slightly different from Penang. No offense but I don't really have good impression on Kayelle hawker food, I always find Penang has better one. Well perhaps I'm lousy in finding a good one, but hey this shop totally changed my mind!


They fried it perfectly. Very crispy and not so oily.

Look at the steaming hot soup.I always like the soup to be extremely hot, just like this one.

They called this as wantan mee, but really? It looks exactly like Penang chee-cheong fun. Are you sure its wantan mee? :O I think they sprinkled some shrimpsdried & 'bak-hu' on it which gives the wantan mee/chee-cheong fun a bit of crunchy texture. Interesting...

Or this is wantan mee? I'm confused nao. .___.
But I personally like the noodles.

Aftermath. You could tell how satisfied we were towards the food. Boyfie whacked 2 plates of chee-cheong fun, share half of his aunty's noodle and eat up all the fried food! He's a monster I swear.

And so we went around golden triangle area doing last minute shopping before we head back Penang. Ended up, we ate more than we shopped. Bought Carl's Junior & some junkies from The Loaf to cure our sweet tooth.

Choco puff that makes me go CRAZY!And no I'm not sharing with anyone!I'm eating this myself! HAHAHA. I love how the not-so-sweet chocolate melt in my mouth. Mmmm.. HEAVEN! I always prefer bitter chocolate.

A must at The Loaf. Uhuhu cheesecake in tiny little pretty cups. Imma happy girl.

As a conclusion, The Loaf should open a branch at Penang already. :/

I must be insane for doing this post in the middle of the night. I gotta get to bed before I get hungry haha! I promise I'll blog about hometown goodies in the next post. CAUTION: Keep your tummy full before you start reading babes! :)

Okay bye! Peace out x.