Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pieces of my 2012!

♥Love & To Be Loved

Is the Xmas atmosphere still linger around? I hope everyone had a blessed Xmas. I, myself, immersed in the most blissful and peaceful Christmas this year. Not too wild and fanatical but at the very least I was with my dearest precious all through this Christmas. Was utterly distraught a day back because was being ignored. That wasn't the worst feeling ever, worried about him is. Perhaps we never got lost intact for this long. My mind was in tumult as I was worried something bad happened to him. Well, its not even close.

However, time to move on. My current situation become my loves' concerns. All of them are trying to keep me occupied and I really feel blessed and loved. I can't express how much you guys touched my heart. I swear.

Since my previous posts were quite depressing for current jubilee, I guess a few pictures would add to the gaiety of this joyful season. What did you do throughout the year? For mine, this has been a rocky year for me, but I believe bad days don't last long. In fact I'm looking forward for better year 2013 ahead. *fingers crossed*

I've so much details to add on every single event. But consider this as teaser to the more detailed one alright? :3

Last minute to Heineken Thirst, which I'll definitely kill myself if I didn't go. 





Coussie love's birthday bash. Hawaiian theme and the party was exaggerating. Paparazzi, traffic polices, red carpet, royalty guests, sports cars as birthday present, you named it.


Coussie Nana is so fricking adorable!

Pre-christmas lunchie to satisfy my Sushi Zanmai's crave! Scallops and salmon were heaven!

Way too extravagance lunch for two.

Company's Xmas eve gifts exchange! Lots of laughter...

And right after my office's gift exchange sessions, I have another gift exchange sessions zomg.
Guess what.. one of them even brought knives! UNBELIEVABLE.


Got dragged to Soju and Cuvee! So there goes my long-time-no-see friends bumping sessions. Lol.
Didn't take picture with 'baby'!Such a small world really! He knows my friends and he doesn't know that those are my friends & I didn't expect that he knows those friends of mine! The most awkward part is he can't recognize me then I've to tell him, I'm XX's ex-girlfriend don't you remember?! And he smacked his head and recalled haha! 
He said I changed a lot. Did I? :/ 


Several house party, the Avare, and so on...

Hello road trip to Kayelle again!
Yours truly.

The loves. Loving this picture even though I look crappy. :(

Sharene spent her Xmas with us instead of her boyfriend lol.

Okay people. Time to hit the sack! I promise I'll blog more alright? <3 p="p">

With loves, Caryne the tough cookie. :P