Sunday, December 23, 2012

♥Love & To Be Loved

Morning early birdies. I'm up early today! Surprise surprise. I'm still having a tad bit hangover from last night's wines and liquors. But aunty made me homemade coffee once I'm off my bed, ahh, it never feels so good cuddling in the comfy sofas sipping a cup of hot aromatic coffee. Not to mention the early morning city view from my current location is breathtaking. I really want to share it with you all, but due to some reason, I couldn't.

I know the blog entry and a Facebook status last night startled most of my friends. I've got plenty of phone calls and texts and whatsapps from my fellow friends to ensure I'm alright. Don't worry loves, I'm perfectly fine. Really. To be frank, I never feel this secured and being appreciated before. Nightmare is over! :)

I survived day 3. In fact, I feel blessed. :3

His current wallpaper lol.