Saturday, December 29, 2012

A letter to my Guardian angel.

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hola loves. New year is around the corner so do you have any plan in mind already? Hehe! As for me,I'm still having dilemma whether to travel down Kayelle for a suite party with him and the friends or I'll just spend my newyear here. Ugh why there is only one day holiday. I should've a week at the very least lol!

Well, I know people are started to question around how I am after everything happened. And frankly it was hard. But after everything happened here and there, every immature, irresponsible and childish act of him, I'm glad I let this go. And to found people better around me and WITH ME, I'm living a better life. I just hope my money will be returned ASAP as I know he can spend for his leisure but never return me. Once the money is returned, I can totally rid from everything, once and for all and move on with someone who truly love me.

To the angel of mine,

Thanks for pampering me all these while. Thanks for treating me like your only one while you've so many girls after you. Yet you can give me the most secureness ever.
Most importantly., thanks for waiting for me all this while and gave me plenty of times to get over and start over. I promise you I'll try my best.
You totally changed my mind, someone's rich and good-looking is not necessary a cheater/playboy/scumbag. In fact, they can be quite decent and loyal. Since I met someone who doesn't have that qualifications but cheating/partying/show-off are his hobby. I was so blind, I admit.
Do not wait for me okay? :) Everything will be, eventually will be. <3 p="p">

With lotsa love,