Saturday, December 22, 2012

Xmas marks the end of the year, the end of my disastrous relationship. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Hola loves.

So 21st December is not the end of the world but its the end of 2 years-disastrous relationship of mine. My friends would know that I never confide my relationship conflicts to them with the concern of people might misunderstood him due to my one-sided and personal opinions. But it truly irks me when I stay quiet, then my personality got all twisted and distorted because of untrue remarks of his especially when he's flirting with a girl or cock-talk with a bro. So yes, I want to speak on my behalf, once and for all.

Although what I was doing last night was crying to myself, deleting every single picture of us and dying inside, I felt better when my phone is clean and rid of the memories. And forgot to mention, what he did was heading out with friends, getting drunk then called me for all those so-called remorseful confessions. But turning around, he started to chat with other girls. Oh please, spare me from all these dramas.

A thing that I really wanna stress here, watch out girls, think twice if he started to so-called 'borrow' money from you but never return. And by giving you all those excuses that 'I don't have money currently' but have totally no problem going to drinks or spending money on anything else. And I really laughed out loud when he said something like he doesn't bother talking to a working lady who feeds on rich guy after knowing I've been hanging out with someone. Says a little boy who feed on girls' hard-earned money. Plus common sense people, if I'm that materialistic, I wouldn't tolerate him and give him chances after so many times he cheated on me or insulted me.

Loyalty wise, right. I wouldn't blame those girls that have been flirted with him. Yes I do hate them but never mind. Karma will serve them right. We are all girls, so if breaking a girl's heart and faith is none of your concern, I believe you'll have yours soon. As for him, it's alright. I admit, I do check his Facebook at some points cause he kept denying what he did and I just have to confirm it! I do admit to him I check his Facebook and I found out rubbish that he'd done. For the record, I'm not clingy AT ALL. The fact is we did not hang out that often and what makes me a clingy girlfriend now? Trying to flirt and destroying my character? Try harder boy. But girls, really? If you do trust everything he said, let's see what happened.

Speaking of attitude, hmm, I wouldn't want to say much. You could ask his close friends (as in those who mingle with him long enough), you would know the truth. But people, backstabbing is really bad. You heard the rumors from others that goes like 'hey, she/he said this and that about you' or 'I know her/him, he's this kinda bastard/bitches', please don't be hesitate and go confront the people that the backstabber mentioned. You will find out that it's not entirely true, not even close. So if you heard something bout me from him or anyone else, please do confront me instead of fully take in and profiling me already.

And t his close friends, I promise there's no turning back. No getting back together. Come to think of it, how worse you can be to cause your close friends to warn the girlfriend about him. You tell me. :) But it's all in the past right now, thanks God, I stood up stronger.

As I'm typing this, I'm already out of town and I'm gonna have some nice warm Xmas pre-celebration with a bunch of nice people. Nice people with better mature mindset, of course haha!

Merry Xmas dolls. Do appreciate your loved one and those who truly treasure you. Never ever let them go. And for those who are as heartbroken as I am, you've gone this far! Let's do this together. :)

Christmas marks the end of the year, and the end of my disastrous relationship. And toast to the beautiful souls in my life.

Yours truly,


Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Yes!Let's do this ! We can ! I have go through it , and i am sure you can ! =D