Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Moo Moo CNY ^^

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Okay okay, i know i have been abandoned my blog for a long while.
I dont mean to~
Sorry pals :p

There are lotsa things i wanna post up.
No rush, one by one :)

Had a really great CNY.
Spent whole day in grandpa's house during Chu 1.
Fooling around with cousins and it was awesome!
Went waipo's house during Chu 2.
Exhausting yet fun.
Spent tremendously wonderful times with family during Chu 3.
Went Lik Xian's house to pray a new year call during Chu 4.
I was so damn excited because i saw all of our old friends.
Too bad Doreen left earlier due to some reasons. Sigh.
We went jusco for dinner afterwards as well :)
And then i discovered Lik Xian is so obsessed with colourful ADA-CA-BRAS~ *you know what i mean wink*

Chu 5.
Yeah, I'm in KL right now.
That's the reason why i'm not posting any pics up.
I'm using biao ge's desktop.
Technically saying, he forced me to come KL by saying i forced him to go kulim and accompany me to KL. =.=
Hell yeah, pity me. *sobssss*

And oh, i am too boring that i surf everyone MSN Spaces and suddenly i happened on a convincing and interesting comment.
Unexpectedly, it was wrote by JiaYi. *on one of V's post N years ago*

This is it:

jiayi wrote:
dear...i know how you feel...although it might not be exactly the same. but i know how it feels to want so hard to forget someone. i know you feel like you'd rather not have those memories because it's like pointless since everything is over'd rather all of that never happened. and everything you do every single second just reminds you of him...and you shouldnt force yourself to let go. that hurts even more. if you wanna think of him, just do. dont force yourself not to when you're thinking of him. you cant just force those feelings to go just let it be...dont ask yourself how long this'll have to last because the more you do that, the more useless u'll feel urself are. when the tears fall...let them...u'll feel much better after that. don't think that all this tear shedding for him is pointless, it's because you loved him, only someone who trully loved another person would cry for that person. so you should be proud of yourself =)
so...just let it be...the more you force urself not to think the more you WILL. whenever the thoughts come, just feel happy that you've had them and cherish them. they might feel like a burden you'd just wish to throw away, but you must know you cant do that. sometime later, maybe even sooner than you know, you'll realise that you've never thought of him for such a long time already. you might feel you're lost once in a while, it feels like you're in a dark scary corner, so cold and scary and you cant see a thing, and it'd help alot just to have a little bit of light to climb out of all that darkness...
but you have to know this one thing: YOU'VE GOT FRENS. and we can all help you and we'll love you and we'll always be by your side no matter wat happens k? you're not alone. =)
Nov. 12

My god! Aint this totally makes sense?
This is just go right to the heart of the matter!
You rock baby!
And i miss you like so damn much btw~ T.T

Will update my blog much often AS POSSIBLE.
Love y'all pals.