Tuesday, April 29, 2008

boring holiday

Our results came out today.. But as I'm in kulim, I can't check out my results..!! I'm so nervous..so afraid I'll failed my STA..!! If that so, i'll commit suicide~ SUICIDAL~ SUICIDAL~ WHEN I SAID IT'S OVER~ xD

Actually there is nothing for me to blog about.. So i'll just post some pictures I took all through the holiday larhhh~

yummy Rocky, it's my addiction..

I finished the peel fresh and my sis finished the HL milk within a day.. So we don't have the chance to drink each others DRINK~ xD

I read these novels all over again as I forgot to buy new one~ sweat~

Look! I found this!! My hubby bought it for me LONG LONG TIME AGO... But something is missing there.. Some photos, I guess? =))

wheeeee~ my sis and I were on the way back our HOMETOWN~~~ BY BUS!! =D

DUMB bus driver who doesnt even care the door was opened while the bus is STILL MOVING!! omg!! I was trembling badly because I cannot bear the chill of the wind man!

way back home~ ^^

Whoop!! my fried rice~~!! it may not look nice, but my sisters claimed it YUMMY~ xD

new hair.. but i'm not excited about it at all~ =( anyway, gotta get used to it sooner or later~

Monday, April 28, 2008

can time go backward??

♪` gotta miss my long hair a lot... T.T

woke up this morning, and I rushed to the front of the mirror.. oh my god, is this my hair?? i thought it's just a dream...!! but it's not, I really lost my hair... T.T now my hair looked so dumb!!

I am so moody right now.. Nothing can lighten up my mood, not even a cheese cake or chocolates.. I'm wondering how long will it took for my hair to grow back?? and no one can give me the exact answer.. i guess, i need at least a year!! =( hate TY Tan!! never go to his saloon anymore!! he's banned from my list!! T.T *- actually he ain't that bad, but i just don't like him to cut my hair until so short..!! -*

Sunday, April 27, 2008

NEW HAIRCUT..!! disaster..~~ =.=

just got a new haircut this evening.. And it's looked HORRIBLE!! =(

noob haircut made me even NOOBIE!!

i hate driving.. with coach bside.. =((

some enjoy their holiday, but some..suffer on their holiday... and I'm the 2nd one.. =( yeah, i suffer on my holiday.. not to mention no where to go on this sem break, i have to learn 4 more hours car driving..!! I thought driving is fun, but I'm ABSOLUTELY WRONG!! I thought the coachs are nice, too bad I'm wrong as well.. so whenever my daddy and mummy started to nag me about when to complete my car lessons and have my car test, i was SO FURIOUS!! sobsss.. OKAY, I'M DUMB SO WHAT!! I learn how to drive simply because I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!! but all these stupid brainless coach seems like expecting me to be PROFESSIONAL IN DRIVING ALREADY!! oh, c'mon!! If you don't like to teach driving, please, f*ck off! Be patient larhh, uncle! sighh..

i was so scare when i drive on the road, i feel like every car is coming to clash mine *- but everybody says it's would be great if I didn't clash others =.= -* Most cars won't give you face if you done anything wrong on the road.. They'll horn you if you 'dead fire' after the traffic light turn green, and they'll take over you if you drive too slow. Well, my friends did 'ENCOURAGE' me a lot.. sort of, 'ey blur fish, inform me if you are going to learn driving on which days, i better stay at home'(they afraid I will clash their cars =.=) OR 'ey dumb fish, inform me if you get you car license, even i know that will take quite a long time lar, anyway, remember tell me earlier lar, i'll switch off my handphone'(to prevent me from fetching them out, if you don't get it)

duh.. hopefully I can pass my test!! god bless god bless~ 保佑保佑~ T.T Popi Popi *-ying dear and ying dear's dear, joan's copyright-* xD

I CAN DO IT~~!! (hopefully~ T.T)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

sweet & sour~ tears and laughings~

was so busy during the final examination week... I would like to share my weekend BUT I shall go backward first~ hehe... *-it's always a waste to not share some tiny little funny things happend around us right?-* well, during class break *SOMEDAY*, we went out to have lunch with cheryl and some friends... Even it should be a happy thing that we do not need to have lunch at BIG BITE, but still i don't think 'ban mian' could be any better... Erm, simply because I hate it. =( but i tried it that day and i found it's not as bad as I thought actually... AS A CONCLUSION, it is always good to try out something new, you will find it different from the way you thought it was.

'ban mian' is not so good-looking; it's yummy, though. My 'ban mian' and cheryl 'ban mian'. =)) huh? wrong chopstick colour? haha, we got it, purposely one larhhh~ xD

And times go backward again, we had our dinner in Siam express after studying in starbucks. In the previous post, apparently, I don't like it... strongly not recommend others not to go; my roommate find it not that bad, though. guess different people, different taste, and thus different view~ =p

keanlit saw this menu and shouted:'' YAY!! this is my menu!!'' then i was like.. SWEAT?? he's not under 12, not even 12 anymore... HE'S 19!! he just.. short, better way of defining it as TINY xD

i was sick for last week, almost got flu everyday, i guess it was because of lack of sleep and rest... trust me, it was no fun... hate for sleep late but wake up early!! it's so not my style.. heheee~ but never mind, it's holiday from now on.. hooray!! but gonna miss him much~

it supposed to be delicious, but guess i have no appetize at all... Thanks hubby, you're such a caring sweetheart...

it was a crazy week, seriously, we slept for just 4 hours at most everyday... we were so exhausted!! and guess what, i can't sleep last 2 days before the computing test. i only fall asleep at 5.30 a.m.!! crazy huh?

*-aww, that's me!! xD-*

i have no idea how MUCH i love fish and mickey!! FREAKING love them..!!!

we met a funny joke *-real funny-* on friday... It was when we finished our lunch in sunshine, and yy dear and I were buying mcD ice cream... a group of people were buying at first, then a guy bought a sundae con, i guess, which costed him rm2.05. and then, he paid the salesgirl rm2.. so, the salesgirl told him again:'' it's rm2.05, please...'' you would never able to guess what's the guy response.. he just shaked his hand *-to show that he don't have rm0.05,apparently-* and share at the salesgirl.. gee! yea, stare at the salesgirl.. lol. then his friends scold him so badly and said:'' do you think this is your mum's shop, that you don't have to pay if you don't have rm0.05??'' yy dear can't help with this funny scene and can't stop laughing.. and the guy was SO embarrassing..!! lol. actually, i have no idea what's the funny thing about, at first.. only after dear explained the whole thing all o ver again, that was when i found it funny and hilarious, and i can't stop laughing in the lift.. LOL.

weirdest apple sundae i've ever seen... o.O

OKOK!! forward to things happened yesterday... actually there were so many unhappy things between my hubby and I... both of us were so stressed with the final exam.. and i knew that he tried so hard to get better results... it was a good case, though. To apologize for what he had done, he brought me for shopping and movie, as he promised, yesterday. as usual, we had dinner in Friday, had some shopping, watched Nim's island *-was going to watch the movie by jet lee and jacky at first, but ALL FULL!!-* we tried to sneak the cheese cake and blueberry cake in to the cinema, AND LUCKILY, we put them inside the esprit plastic. i guess, my bag was too big and the guard was politely asking me whether she can take a look what's inside my bag.. i was like 'oh, sure'. when i'm trying to drag the esprit plastic bag out, she said okok. then.. WE WERE ABLE TO SNEAK THEM IN!! lol. hubby 'praised' my acting was so steady that the guard thought that it was just clothes inside the plastic. lol.. ok, i'll take that as compliment. xD and it was a nice movie after all. however, we didnt enjoy our cakes inside the cinema because i was too shy as there were people around us... =P

MOST HAPPY THING, we chat for 1 or 2 hours in front of the hostel once we get back... i felt like, we were really trying to communicate with each others. he understand me more and vice versa... =)) GONNA MISS HIM ALOT!! he was so worry of me and kept remind me to be careful, careful and careful while he's not around.. i will, baby... =))

hubby bought me this cloth to apologize... thanks hubby~ love ya alot!!

yummy new york cheese cake..!! my fave.. one little bite, i'm off my feet and oops! i'm flying in the skyyyyyy~ xD

p/s: roommate, thanks so much for your advise..
after real thinking, i decided to take ur advise..
and thanks a lot for your caring..!!
love you sooooo much!! =))

Friday, April 18, 2008

drowning fish.. meaningless..







Wednesday, April 16, 2008

♪..` Peekaboo loveeee~♥

I always hope to put my love life as 'HAPPILY EVER AFTER'. But most of the times, it doesn't come this way... Am I being too sensitive, I hope so? Is every human the same, no matter where they come from, when they get together, they will find their way to communicate with each others eventually? Well, I guess it's not... Maybe it's really hard to understand someone, or he really do not put in much effort to do so?

Problems pop out almost everytime after we solve one, thing goes worse WHENEVER i tho
ught bad thing is over... I can't understand why it must be so hard for me?? Shouldn't I enjoying my love life instead of suffering? *-i wouldn't call it suffering whenever thing goes the right way..-* SIGHHH...

Actually, I really do not ask for more, I just want him not to neglect me so often, I just hope that he will try to understand me more, talk to me more... I know, you got your own things to deal with, but what about me? I doubted whether we understand each others well...

Or actually I'm the one who over serious in this love relationship?
He keep denying it but is everything seems to be more important to him?
Love could be sweet but fragile...
Feelings could come and go with the flow...
And, do love end eventually? Mostly it do...

However, i knew that he LOVE me... He called me just now to apologize... Guess both of us are too stress due to the final exam... Hubby, gambatehh! i know you can do well~ I'll pray hard for you.. *-praying-* =))

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

life's tough~ =((

i'm not sure whether i've done well in econ today~but the only thing i know is... I'VE LOST 4 MARKS for the question i know to answer.. T.T so sadddddd.. don't understand why i changed my answer in the very last minutes.. sighhh~ anyway, still gotta marshal my thoughts and start to prepare for the accounting test tomorrow.. hopefully i won't make the same STUPID MISTAKES anymore..!! com' on~ be careful a bit larhh~ so blur.. >.<
lol..baby Nana is wearing her mummy's spec~ @.@

aww~ baby nana is accompanying her mummy to study study~ xD

Monday, April 14, 2008

hard moment~ T.T

yawn.. yea, it's 2.42am now and i'm still flipping through my stupid econ notes..*-almost dozing off man T.T-*
roommate was having her bio test tomorrow..hopefully she could get GOOD results!! god bless! =D





okay.. it's time to go back to my revision..
nitez, everyone.. <''.><`~ zZZ

notes that got me HEADACHE..!! T.T

absolutely clueless of this subject..!! =X

p/s: dear roommate, thanks for your bread~ it's so niceeee of you~ =)) guess i won't be starving tomorrow morning..yay!! *-overwhelmed by happiness =D-*

Saturday, April 12, 2008


i think we are addicted to study in starbucks recently..*-keanlit, are you going to study or to chat with friends there? lol..-* nothing much happened actually, just that huan yew and xiao feng joined us, things go normal and we had our dinner in siam express.. *-brendon joined us for dinner-* though their food were not that bad, i just don't like it.. no second time for me, seriously~ =X

p/s: hubby is such a sweetheart~ he bought me my fave cheese bread for my breakfast.. and he even accompany me to shop for my stuffs patiently~ *-thanks for your suggestions, hubby...-*

ma baby f|sh accompany me to study study~~ =))

so-called wonderful dinner.. eewww, hopefully hubby won't go for second time..!!! phobia~~ x(

it looked delicious, too bad it's NOT!! don't judge the desert due to its appearance~ xD

Friday, April 11, 2008

niceeee day =))

hubby accompany me to queensbay for checking my ipod..!!! and i've decided to buy ipod nano 3rd generation lorhh~ looking forward~~ hopefully daddy won't change his mind in the very last minutes.. god bless, please?

haiyor.. today no class so i just had a bread as my breakfast, drink water as my lunch *- poor fish, me, i don't even have a worm to eat xD -* i got revising accounting after i watched 2 movies, okay? o.O at least i got revise mar~ lol*-better than didn't touch the notes at all, right? xD-*

we went queesnbay at about 5pm, hubby brought me to swensens as I'M STARVING TO DEATH MAN!! T.T pity me~~~ hmmm, swensens chocolate steamboat is not as delicious as haagen dasz's~ xD

CHOCOLATE is definitely my addiction.. freaking love it..!!!

hubby was waiting PATIENTLY......... waiting me to say YAY!! LET'S EAT!! *-b'cuz i wanna take picture marhhh~ xD-*

have u heard of any boys that love collecting dolls? I DO..!! and.. they are my friends.. *-sigh..it's not embarassing, but not so proud of it as well xD should I?-* MOST IMPORTANT, 1 of them is my hubbyyyyyyyyyy~ he was influenced by his gang of friends lorhhh~ i accompany him to check almost whole queensbay to find his dolls.. *-clueless of his taste, duh..-* FINALLY, he found his fave doll, a shark, in memory lane.. i wanna name it as sha-sha, but hubby insisted to name it as bubufish~ symbolize both of us wor, said him.. swt~

sha-sha a.k.a bubufish and hubby~ their teeth look alike.. don't ya agree? xD this little doll costed him 20++ o.O

we had our dinner in t.g.i. again.. no choice lorhhh~ hubby's favourite marhhh~ lol~ i never saw t.g.i. was so crowded of people.. however, both of us felt that we would enjoy our dinner more if there is less noise XD~ too noisy larhh~ we had to shout in order to talk to each others..


..................after. lol. *-guess we were REALLY STARVING..!!!-*

and we went back hostel after i bought my umbrella.. like my umbrella sooooo much..!!! it's mickey umbrella lerhhh~ happy happy..

i better sleep now.. roommate waiting larhhh~ *-thanks roommate for your CARING..!!-*

kinda surprise when hubby saw this.. it's because before s&j came out with this idea, we bought the exactly the same shoes, gold colour for the right shoes and XX colour for the left shoes, as our couple keychain.. lol~ brilliant idea worrh, hubby~ =p

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

helpless~ x(

have you ever wondered why things always didn't come out with the way u want them to, even become worse sometimes?
Let's take some examples of my cases:

i've suffering for preparing my test 2, and finally when the test end, we were planning for something fun.. As we flipping through our calendar, what the hell, the final is coming soon.. NEXT WEEK?!?! okay fine, another freaking busy week *-with no entertainment at all!!-*..

and i hate living in hostel.. why i stay here yet not going back?? simply because i'm preparing for my final exam larhhhh~ staying outside made me realized that nothing could replace home sweet home..

i wish badly to get an ipod nano *-supposing to say I'M DESPERATE FOR!!-*, somehow i forced my dad to buy it for me, somehow i am so hestitating of buying which generation of the ipod nano, and somehow the thought of making the wrong decision freaking me out..!! sighhh~
we were heading back to hostel after dinner, chit chatting happily all the way, and god, who knows an idiot motorcar coming so fast and knocked us..things ended up with our friends had to pay him back 300 due to the law..!! bla bla bla.. *-300 for a motorcar, made from transformer materials?? duh..-* he even ask 50 more from our friend's dad.. *-f*ck off-* i am truly sorry for the rudeness but he's pissing me off.. *-REAL indeed-*
and many many more..
however, friends around me, who always cheer me up and i don't even bother of these unfortunate+sadding+frustrating cases.. =))
i'm HAPPY-GO-LUCKY and i always think OPTIMISTICALLY~ hahas~
maybe u did spoilt my day for once or twice, my mood goes nice and bright in the very next day~ yay!! nothing could darken my world~ ^o^



specially thanks to my dearly friends,
yy dear
vivian darling

woei jiunn
my dear & silly roommate XD

my dearest hubby*-love ya lots-*


Monday, April 7, 2008


yea, true indeed.. we met accident this evening after we had our dinner in relau.. here the things happen, when we were heading back to hostel, opposite lane was so full of cars until the one lane had become 2 lanes. so, i'm pretty sure that yy's cousin made sure that the opposite lane's car had stop to let him turned right at the junction. and so, he turned..suddenly a motorcar coming so fast and couldn't break in time and knocked our car..!!! i swear, his speed surely exceed 60-70.. is he retarded??!! doesn't he know that he should drive slowly if there is a junction??!! ok, that's fine..everyone made mistake, so do I.. BUT..!! he even called his bro, his friends ( yaya..why don't call his WHOLE FAMILY along??? ) to come ( to threaten us xD ) !! i guess, he knew that he's wrong at first, so he wanna ask someone, who stubborn enough, to talk to us.. his bro came, smoking a cigaratte( he think that's cool enough, i suppose ), dressed like a 'lala', roughly took a look around, without actually find out what's going on actually, insisting that we were wrong..!! furthermore, he said that if we don't want to pay them back, maybe we should report.. 'report lar..!!' that's the first thing come into my mind.. however, things didn't go like this, yy's cousin called his dad and let his dad to deal with the idiot guy.. apparently, his dad thought his son was wrong at first, so agree to pay them back.. 300 ??!! gosh!! really stupid idiot rubbish..!! they were really pissing me off!! too bad i'm too coward to voice out my opinion..if i were only a boy~~ *wish wish~*

haihz.. in a word, we were so innocent~ both sides also got wrong mar.. sigh.. so bad luck.. and we forgot to take any picture.. that's all for today ~~~ ^^

Saturday, April 5, 2008

last subject to go~ yawn..

finally, there is only 1 subject left for test~ computing...!!!

but.. we have to face final exam very soon.. sigh~ being trapped in the hostel, in such a small double decker room almost everyday (that i could hardly turn myself around if there are more than 2 people) is really freaking me out~ T.T hoping to get double single room real soon~

gambateh for my final~ lol~ and also the best luck for my DEAR yy~ love ya~

studyin' ( actually suppose to be online-ing in starbucks xD ) 4.49pm 5/4

dear playing my LAPPIE!!! haha~ so obsessed of his games~ =.=!!!

looks attempting huh~strongly recommend my fave blueberry chesse cake~ a lil' bit is enough to sweep u off your feet~ xD

ken lee..nonooo~ keanlit indeed~ just a lil' joke~ =p he's not that serious~ supposing to say, he's funny~ (act serious pulak~) xD and pls don't neglect my lovely lappie~ awww~ love it so much~

Thursday, April 3, 2008

hectic week!!

it's been a hectic week~ we had accounting test on sunday, and econ test today~ i'm absolutely exhausted.. actually, i almost forgot my econ test and so i didnt even read my notes at all!! i have to say i hate econ sooooo much!! i have no idea of wat econ is all about!!! terribly terrified by it!!

as usual, my ANNOYING alarm rang in the early of the morning~ and i've no idea that i closed it and get back to sleep again~ it was 8.45am when i heard knock knock on my door~ i was extremely shocked!! i took a glance at my hp, suddenly recall of my econ test at 9am!! gosh!! so i asked yy darL to go college on her own first..me, myself, have no more time to take a bath!! i rushed to brush my teeth, changed my clothes, and walked as fast as I can to the college.. phew..fortunately im not too late for the test~ god bless~ but....... too bad i don't really know how to answer the test xD pity pity~

hubby has computing test tomorrow..however, he afraid that i have to eat 'trees' for my dinner so he followed me & yy darl (her dear drove) to gurney~ after we had our dinner at kim gary and had a little shopping, we went back~ but i was not so happy with this decision~ aiks~ i wished to watch a movie before we're going back mar~~ sobsss~ T.T no choice as hubby has to revise his lessons... BUT he promised to bring me to a movie this week~~ yay yay~ happy~