Saturday, April 12, 2008


i think we are addicted to study in starbucks recently..*-keanlit, are you going to study or to chat with friends there? lol..-* nothing much happened actually, just that huan yew and xiao feng joined us, things go normal and we had our dinner in siam express.. *-brendon joined us for dinner-* though their food were not that bad, i just don't like it.. no second time for me, seriously~ =X

p/s: hubby is such a sweetheart~ he bought me my fave cheese bread for my breakfast.. and he even accompany me to shop for my stuffs patiently~ *-thanks for your suggestions, hubby...-*

ma baby f|sh accompany me to study study~~ =))

so-called wonderful dinner.. eewww, hopefully hubby won't go for second time..!!! phobia~~ x(

it looked delicious, too bad it's NOT!! don't judge the desert due to its appearance~ xD