Friday, April 11, 2008

niceeee day =))

hubby accompany me to queensbay for checking my ipod..!!! and i've decided to buy ipod nano 3rd generation lorhh~ looking forward~~ hopefully daddy won't change his mind in the very last minutes.. god bless, please?

haiyor.. today no class so i just had a bread as my breakfast, drink water as my lunch *- poor fish, me, i don't even have a worm to eat xD -* i got revising accounting after i watched 2 movies, okay? o.O at least i got revise mar~ lol*-better than didn't touch the notes at all, right? xD-*

we went queesnbay at about 5pm, hubby brought me to swensens as I'M STARVING TO DEATH MAN!! T.T pity me~~~ hmmm, swensens chocolate steamboat is not as delicious as haagen dasz's~ xD

CHOCOLATE is definitely my addiction.. freaking love it..!!!

hubby was waiting PATIENTLY......... waiting me to say YAY!! LET'S EAT!! *-b'cuz i wanna take picture marhhh~ xD-*

have u heard of any boys that love collecting dolls? I DO..!! and.. they are my friends.. *'s not embarassing, but not so proud of it as well xD should I?-* MOST IMPORTANT, 1 of them is my hubbyyyyyyyyyy~ he was influenced by his gang of friends lorhhh~ i accompany him to check almost whole queensbay to find his dolls.. *-clueless of his taste, duh..-* FINALLY, he found his fave doll, a shark, in memory lane.. i wanna name it as sha-sha, but hubby insisted to name it as bubufish~ symbolize both of us wor, said him.. swt~

sha-sha a.k.a bubufish and hubby~ their teeth look alike.. don't ya agree? xD this little doll costed him 20++ o.O

we had our dinner in t.g.i. again.. no choice lorhhh~ hubby's favourite marhhh~ lol~ i never saw t.g.i. was so crowded of people.. however, both of us felt that we would enjoy our dinner more if there is less noise XD~ too noisy larhh~ we had to shout in order to talk to each others..


..................after. lol. *-guess we were REALLY STARVING..!!!-*

and we went back hostel after i bought my umbrella.. like my umbrella sooooo much..!!! it's mickey umbrella lerhhh~ happy happy..

i better sleep now.. roommate waiting larhhh~ *-thanks roommate for your CARING..!!-*

kinda surprise when hubby saw this.. it's because before s&j came out with this idea, we bought the exactly the same shoes, gold colour for the right shoes and XX colour for the left shoes, as our couple keychain.. lol~ brilliant idea worrh, hubby~ =p