Sunday, April 20, 2008

sweet & sour~ tears and laughings~

was so busy during the final examination week... I would like to share my weekend BUT I shall go backward first~ hehe... *-it's always a waste to not share some tiny little funny things happend around us right?-* well, during class break *SOMEDAY*, we went out to have lunch with cheryl and some friends... Even it should be a happy thing that we do not need to have lunch at BIG BITE, but still i don't think 'ban mian' could be any better... Erm, simply because I hate it. =( but i tried it that day and i found it's not as bad as I thought actually... AS A CONCLUSION, it is always good to try out something new, you will find it different from the way you thought it was.

'ban mian' is not so good-looking; it's yummy, though. My 'ban mian' and cheryl 'ban mian'. =)) huh? wrong chopstick colour? haha, we got it, purposely one larhhh~ xD

And times go backward again, we had our dinner in Siam express after studying in starbucks. In the previous post, apparently, I don't like it... strongly not recommend others not to go; my roommate find it not that bad, though. guess different people, different taste, and thus different view~ =p

keanlit saw this menu and shouted:'' YAY!! this is my menu!!'' then i was like.. SWEAT?? he's not under 12, not even 12 anymore... HE'S 19!! he just.. short, better way of defining it as TINY xD

i was sick for last week, almost got flu everyday, i guess it was because of lack of sleep and rest... trust me, it was no fun... hate for sleep late but wake up early!! it's so not my style.. heheee~ but never mind, it's holiday from now on.. hooray!! but gonna miss him much~

it supposed to be delicious, but guess i have no appetize at all... Thanks hubby, you're such a caring sweetheart...

it was a crazy week, seriously, we slept for just 4 hours at most everyday... we were so exhausted!! and guess what, i can't sleep last 2 days before the computing test. i only fall asleep at 5.30 a.m.!! crazy huh?

*-aww, that's me!! xD-*

i have no idea how MUCH i love fish and mickey!! FREAKING love them..!!!

we met a funny joke *-real funny-* on friday... It was when we finished our lunch in sunshine, and yy dear and I were buying mcD ice cream... a group of people were buying at first, then a guy bought a sundae con, i guess, which costed him rm2.05. and then, he paid the salesgirl rm2.. so, the salesgirl told him again:'' it's rm2.05, please...'' you would never able to guess what's the guy response.. he just shaked his hand *-to show that he don't have rm0.05,apparently-* and share at the salesgirl.. gee! yea, stare at the salesgirl.. lol. then his friends scold him so badly and said:'' do you think this is your mum's shop, that you don't have to pay if you don't have rm0.05??'' yy dear can't help with this funny scene and can't stop laughing.. and the guy was SO embarrassing..!! lol. actually, i have no idea what's the funny thing about, at first.. only after dear explained the whole thing all o ver again, that was when i found it funny and hilarious, and i can't stop laughing in the lift.. LOL.

weirdest apple sundae i've ever seen... o.O

OKOK!! forward to things happened yesterday... actually there were so many unhappy things between my hubby and I... both of us were so stressed with the final exam.. and i knew that he tried so hard to get better results... it was a good case, though. To apologize for what he had done, he brought me for shopping and movie, as he promised, yesterday. as usual, we had dinner in Friday, had some shopping, watched Nim's island *-was going to watch the movie by jet lee and jacky at first, but ALL FULL!!-* we tried to sneak the cheese cake and blueberry cake in to the cinema, AND LUCKILY, we put them inside the esprit plastic. i guess, my bag was too big and the guard was politely asking me whether she can take a look what's inside my bag.. i was like 'oh, sure'. when i'm trying to drag the esprit plastic bag out, she said okok. then.. WE WERE ABLE TO SNEAK THEM IN!! lol. hubby 'praised' my acting was so steady that the guard thought that it was just clothes inside the plastic. lol.. ok, i'll take that as compliment. xD and it was a nice movie after all. however, we didnt enjoy our cakes inside the cinema because i was too shy as there were people around us... =P

MOST HAPPY THING, we chat for 1 or 2 hours in front of the hostel once we get back... i felt like, we were really trying to communicate with each others. he understand me more and vice versa... =)) GONNA MISS HIM ALOT!! he was so worry of me and kept remind me to be careful, careful and careful while he's not around.. i will, baby... =))

hubby bought me this cloth to apologize... thanks hubby~ love ya alot!!

yummy new york cheese cake..!! my fave.. one little bite, i'm off my feet and oops! i'm flying in the skyyyyyy~ xD

p/s: roommate, thanks so much for your advise..
after real thinking, i decided to take ur advise..
and thanks a lot for your caring..!!
love you sooooo much!! =))


yInGyInG said...

oh dear...i really 4get to write tat wat we have met...i mean while we buy the Mc donald ice cream...itsdamn funny...u cant stop laughing when u see his face...haha...till when i read ur post...i still keep laughing...hehe...btw...ur acting is rili geng!!!!!gv u a reward d...hehe...btw...i cant see clearly ur esprit shirt lar...i wanna see much u buy???

xiiAoyU Fishy said...

deng..!! lol.. paiseh paiseh.. he really blur than me..hahaha..

ermms.i think 139.9 lorhh.. lol. later holiday end, then can see ady.. i wanna c ur cosmetics