Tuesday, April 29, 2008

boring holiday

Our results came out today.. But as I'm in kulim, I can't check out my results..!! I'm so nervous..so afraid I'll failed my STA..!! If that so, i'll commit suicide~ SUICIDAL~ SUICIDAL~ WHEN I SAID IT'S OVER~ xD

Actually there is nothing for me to blog about.. So i'll just post some pictures I took all through the holiday larhhh~

yummy Rocky, it's my addiction..

I finished the peel fresh and my sis finished the HL milk within a day.. So we don't have the chance to drink each others DRINK~ xD

I read these novels all over again as I forgot to buy new one~ sweat~

Look! I found this!! My hubby bought it for me LONG LONG TIME AGO... But something is missing there.. Some photos, I guess? =))

wheeeee~ my sis and I were on the way back our HOMETOWN~~~ BY BUS!! =D

DUMB bus driver who doesnt even care the door was opened while the bus is STILL MOVING!! omg!! I was trembling badly because I cannot bear the chill of the wind man!

way back home~ ^^

Whoop!! my fried rice~~!! it may not look nice, but my sisters claimed it YUMMY~ xD

new hair.. but i'm not excited about it at all~ =( anyway, gotta get used to it sooner or later~