Monday, April 28, 2008

can time go backward??

♪` gotta miss my long hair a lot... T.T

woke up this morning, and I rushed to the front of the mirror.. oh my god, is this my hair?? i thought it's just a dream...!! but it's not, I really lost my hair... T.T now my hair looked so dumb!!

I am so moody right now.. Nothing can lighten up my mood, not even a cheese cake or chocolates.. I'm wondering how long will it took for my hair to grow back?? and no one can give me the exact answer.. i guess, i need at least a year!! =( hate TY Tan!! never go to his saloon anymore!! he's banned from my list!! T.T *- actually he ain't that bad, but i just don't like him to cut my hair until so short..!! -*