Saturday, April 5, 2008

last subject to go~ yawn..

finally, there is only 1 subject left for test~ computing...!!!

but.. we have to face final exam very soon.. sigh~ being trapped in the hostel, in such a small double decker room almost everyday (that i could hardly turn myself around if there are more than 2 people) is really freaking me out~ T.T hoping to get double single room real soon~

gambateh for my final~ lol~ and also the best luck for my DEAR yy~ love ya~

studyin' ( actually suppose to be online-ing in starbucks xD ) 4.49pm 5/4

dear playing my LAPPIE!!! haha~ so obsessed of his games~ =.=!!!

looks attempting huh~strongly recommend my fave blueberry chesse cake~ a lil' bit is enough to sweep u off your feet~ xD

ken lee..nonooo~ keanlit indeed~ just a lil' joke~ =p he's not that serious~ supposing to say, he's funny~ (act serious pulak~) xD and pls don't neglect my lovely lappie~ awww~ love it so much~