Thursday, April 3, 2008

hectic week!!

it's been a hectic week~ we had accounting test on sunday, and econ test today~ i'm absolutely exhausted.. actually, i almost forgot my econ test and so i didnt even read my notes at all!! i have to say i hate econ sooooo much!! i have no idea of wat econ is all about!!! terribly terrified by it!!

as usual, my ANNOYING alarm rang in the early of the morning~ and i've no idea that i closed it and get back to sleep again~ it was 8.45am when i heard knock knock on my door~ i was extremely shocked!! i took a glance at my hp, suddenly recall of my econ test at 9am!! gosh!! so i asked yy darL to go college on her own, myself, have no more time to take a bath!! i rushed to brush my teeth, changed my clothes, and walked as fast as I can to the college.. phew..fortunately im not too late for the test~ god bless~ but....... too bad i don't really know how to answer the test xD pity pity~

hubby has computing test tomorrow..however, he afraid that i have to eat 'trees' for my dinner so he followed me & yy darl (her dear drove) to gurney~ after we had our dinner at kim gary and had a little shopping, we went back~ but i was not so happy with this decision~ aiks~ i wished to watch a movie before we're going back mar~~ sobsss~ T.T no choice as hubby has to revise his lessons... BUT he promised to bring me to a movie this week~~ yay yay~ happy~