Monday, April 7, 2008


yea, true indeed.. we met accident this evening after we had our dinner in relau.. here the things happen, when we were heading back to hostel, opposite lane was so full of cars until the one lane had become 2 lanes. so, i'm pretty sure that yy's cousin made sure that the opposite lane's car had stop to let him turned right at the junction. and so, he turned..suddenly a motorcar coming so fast and couldn't break in time and knocked our car..!!! i swear, his speed surely exceed 60-70.. is he retarded??!! doesn't he know that he should drive slowly if there is a junction??!! ok, that's fine..everyone made mistake, so do I.. BUT..!! he even called his bro, his friends ( yaya..why don't call his WHOLE FAMILY along??? ) to come ( to threaten us xD ) !! i guess, he knew that he's wrong at first, so he wanna ask someone, who stubborn enough, to talk to us.. his bro came, smoking a cigaratte( he think that's cool enough, i suppose ), dressed like a 'lala', roughly took a look around, without actually find out what's going on actually, insisting that we were wrong..!! furthermore, he said that if we don't want to pay them back, maybe we should report.. 'report lar..!!' that's the first thing come into my mind.. however, things didn't go like this, yy's cousin called his dad and let his dad to deal with the idiot guy.. apparently, his dad thought his son was wrong at first, so agree to pay them back.. 300 ??!! gosh!! really stupid idiot rubbish..!! they were really pissing me off!! too bad i'm too coward to voice out my opinion..if i were only a boy~~ *wish wish~*

haihz.. in a word, we were so innocent~ both sides also got wrong mar.. sigh.. so bad luck.. and we forgot to take any picture.. that's all for today ~~~ ^^