Friday, August 22, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Havin' dinner with my both darlings,Jiayi and Doreen.
And yeap, finally can online! =.=
I'll update my blog soon.
I cant online at my home.Sigh.
But it's fun to hang out with friends.

I never meet them for almost a decad already.
And i miss them ALOT.
Tsktsk. (:(:(:

TT player playing:
Britney Spears-Break The Ice

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I;ll make every second of US counts.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Hunny said he met an accident last night.
Jia jie asked him to go out for supper.
Accident happened when this stupid drunk guy,which kept claiming that he was sober and CONSCIOUS!
Yea,right! DUH.

i was so damn worry about him.
He lend his cellphone to Jiajie since his running out of battery.
He promised he'll call me after he reached hostel.
That's when we disconnected. ):

I stayed up late for his call.

Glad everything turns out to be alright. (:(:(:
Nobody hurts.

The MV is touching.The song is goddamnnice.The lyric is FABULOUS!

When I'm with You-Faber Drive
Saw you walk into the room
Thought I try to talk to you
Babe am I ever glad you wanted me to
It's been two years to the day
Half the time I've been away
I know i not there enough but that's gonna change
Cus I coming back
To show you that I'm keeping the promise I made

When I'm with you I'll make every second count
Cus I miss you
Whenever you're not around
When I kiss you
I still get butterflies years from now
I'll make every second count when I'm with you

Yeah we've had our ups and down
But we've always worked them out
Babe am I ever glad we've got this far now
Still I'm lying here tonight
Wishing I was by your side
Cus when I'm not there enough
Nothing feels right
So I'm coming back to show you that
I'll love you the rest of my life

Whatever it takes I'm not gonna break the promise I made
When I'm with you
I'll make every second count
Cus I miss you
When I'm with you
I'll make every second count
Cus I miss you
Whenever you're not around
When I kiss you
I still get butterflies years from now
I'll make every second count
When I'm with you

Saturday, August 16, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Finals ended! No more staying up late for studying! Yay yay!

Went QB today.quite effective ey? *giggling*
Lunch at Sakae Sushi.Spent RM90! O_O
okay,we were facing too much pressure during finals,and that's the way we celebrate the end of this tortures. XD

Watched Meet Dave. Actually there's alot of movie which hubby wanna watch.
Too bad i'm going back tomorrow.
Happy,of course;Sad,bcus of him. Sigh.
Before watching movie,we went to play ting-ting! so fun leh.
we played alot today.Gun-shooting,drums,and some new games.THEY WERE FUN!

Dinner at my hunny's fave restaurant.
he claimed himself as VIP of TGI. =.=
Fuiyoh,very expensive lar.
Better sponsor me to shopping XD
Clothes endure.But food's not.It would be flushed by tomorrow.

It looks interesting. (: (: (:

And bought the-belated-1st-Anniversay present for hunny.
I'm so broke! =X
Well,nevermind loh.Long long time once.hehe.
My another secret present never done yet.My Vv darling gave me such opinion.
ILY,DARLING!Tsktsk (:(:(:
I'll give him the SURPRISE right after the holiday!
Uh,even though it's-um A LITTLE too late. =X
HOWEVER,it's the HEART that count.
Isnt it? XD

The salesgirl said it's limited edition.Left the last bottle.
Idk whether it's true or not. =X

Once i paid the bill,he was thrilled.
He kept kissing me on my cheeks and said,'thankyou time dont waste such money liao ar'
Ohgod,isnt he like a kid? (:
furthermore,he's so STUBBORN.his level is kinda reach mine. =X

Going back home tomorrow! WOHOOO!
worse part,i'm so going to have an appointment with dentist.
sigh.My ANOTHER tooth in pain again.wth?!
please dont extract my tooth anymore. T.T
I very very very VERY scare dentist! =S

TT player playing:
Little Trees - Help! I'm a fish.

Friday, August 15, 2008

ILY;IDK what's in your mind though.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I'm so not in the mood of studying business law.
The exam is on saturday. and today is-um,after 12am,so consider as FRIDAY!

First,Business Law is tedious and dull.
Second,things are not going right between me and boyfriend.
Third,i just dont get the mood to study.I'm tired.*should be fourth reason for the latter*

I got the urge to drag him out from wherever he is,and talk to him face to face!
I dont know what's wrong?
And it did affecting my emotions!and i mean SERIOUSLY.

it's not like i'm unhappy with him.We always have fun together!
He's the reason for my laughters.
Sometimes,i would be like,lying on the bed,staring on the ceiling and ask myself,'isnt this blissful?my life is great.i have a lovely bf,wonderful charming ladies who always there for me,family members who beyond GREAT!'
But sometimes,i'll be crying like hell after quarreling for god-know-what reasons!
i just-um,i just have totally no idea.
I couldnt help but wonder,is love suppose to be like this?
Happiness and Sadness just go like Merry-go-round.
you never know what'll happen next.

it's odd that in certain moment,he made me feel like i'm the ONLY ONE for him;all in a sudden,I felt like he doesnt care anymore.
He has the way to get butterflies in my stomach!

I've to marshal my thoughts.
Learn to deal with these conflicts.
it'll get better in time ey?

TT player playing:
Leona Lewis - Better in Time

My OH-SO-TIDY table. XD

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That's quite a show.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Oh god, you guys have to check out my-dear-updated post.
I couldn't have agree more of what she wrote.

And oh, the new term she inventend = PLAGIARIZE DOG!
lol! So throw the COPYCAT term away!

Why pretty girls have to be slutty ey?
Any clue?
Why those insane-pervetic-freak wannabeS LOVE plagiarizing so much?
Oh please, be youself!

i would like to propose a toast to my dear fcking-dare-to-speak-out courage! =X
Cheers! XD

Left the very last exam,Business Law.
Oh god! i'm so going to sleep for 24 hours once i finished this crap finals!
Hey,i slept for 2 hours everyday since the finals started k?!
And i'm so damn tired! i'm a bit sick as well.sigh.
Blame it on who?! MY FINANCE LECTURER!

i wasted so many times on finance,which i wont get distinction.
cus my self-proclaiming 'genius' lecturer never teach us properly.
He thought he's so humour.He thought he's cool and whatever.
OH please,you suck!

Not to mention your LAME jokes.
Do you think talking about Carrie Bradshaw in The Sex of The City would make us more interested?
ABSOLUTELY NO! you're so wasting our times! i wake up at 8 AM to attend your class.!
this is extremely tiring!why cant you just teach us THE TOPICS WE NEED TO LEARN?!
Please? please!

i felt like he didnt teach us ANYTHING,and i mean NOTHING AT ALL.not even a chapter that i understood what he's talking about.
when i read through his notes,i was lecturing myself.
Using my way to understand all of the topics.i had to read really carefully for twice to give insight into the chapters.
And OF COURSE it was time-consuming sia!
isnt this infuriating?
okay, MR LOO, you can totally resign now.ANYTIME!
cus since we need to lecture ourselves,i dont think your existence would be necessary anymore,so BYE,dont see you again! DUH!

And oh, he's going to be the finance lecturer of Curtin Programme?

i'm so going to slim down in these 2 weeks holiday!
fasting,bicycling,table-tennis,badminton or whatever,just be lighter on weight, thinner from current appearance.

And to learn cooking from my level-of-5-star-chef mummy!
it's odd that she's well-known of her delicious and attempting home dishes while her daughters,including me,dont know how to cook! =X
SO, i gonna learn how to cook within these 2 weeks.And cook my hubby and dears(Vv and Yy) a nice meal!
Ah, i dont care! you all must eat! XD
dont want me to drive you all, then can eat the meal i cook gua.tsktsk. (:

I wanna go Venice!

I wanna go New York (Bendels)

I wanna go Egypt!

I wanna go Paris (Eiffel Tower)

I wanna go Disneyland!
*Do you see any Hidden Mickey?* XD

After all,I know i'm dreaming.
But it's fun having 'mind-travelling' as well.

♥ TT player playing:
Avant feat. Nicole Scherzinger - Lie About Us.

Sum 41 - Best Of Me
Rihanna - Take A Bow
Sum 41 - With Me
Sum 41 - In Too Deep
Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever You Like
Kardinal Offishal feat. Akon - Dangerous
Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You
Sum 41 - Still Waiting
Faber Drive - Tongue Tied
Faber Drive - When I'm with You

I'm so enjoying myself?
Gotta start study Business Law liao. tsktsk
and i miss my girl.BABY V,YOU HEARD ME? <3
Tsktsk. (:

p/s: i;ll post up some photos ONLY if wireless connection here gets better! Sigh.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Doomed to death. x(

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I'm so dead this time.
I just hate hate hate hate HATE Finals.

Finals' timetables that torturing me to death.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Will you make everything alright?

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I am so fed up with the oh-so-yucky delivery.
Uh,chinese delivery,malay delivery,McD delivery or whatsoever delivery.
These just made me wanna PUKE.!

For god sakes,i ate 'nasi goreng biasa' for A WEEK!
Well,that's much much better than the chinese delivery.
i can barely stuffed the third bite of the food into my mouth!

and not to mention the extremely-incredibly-and-absolutely ridiculous hostel wireless connection.
it took me forever to surf a page!
Urgh! this is so frustrating.

Oh crap,final is on next week.
can you believe that?
thought we could chill out and have fun for-um,perhaps a week,after TONNES of tests and assignments?

And to Mr and Mrs Ants,
Could you all please get the hell of your ass out of my room!
Find anywhere else that suit your life BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT MY ROOM!
i dont want to see you on my table from now on! OKAY?

To Baby Lizards,
You totally freak my roommate and me out!
Can you imagine that we were having fun watching the nice movie,then you suddenly appear out of nowhere?!
So,get lost!

My YingYing darling afraid i'll starve to death in the middle of the night.
So she cook me nice delicious maggi mee.
Oh god,it tasted wonderful.
My darling will be a good wife in the future. *wink*
Thanks darling! You are the best!

We had fun while washing dishes,chitchatting about everything.
Well, i even told her about Wrestling.
Yeaps,i did watch wrestling,with my dad,long time ago.
Apparently,my darling had totally no idea of what is that.
And how possible she'd know?
i mean,she's such a sweetheart.Fashionable & gentle.
She got every personality that a girl SHOULD own,and um,which i dont. O_O
And oh,darling's mum's friend's grandma watched Sumo! LOL.
Isnt it funny?

Sigh.gotta wake up at 8 AM tomorrow to attend Mr. Loo CH class.
I hate if anyone like him. *giggling*

Toodles. (:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh, my babygirl. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I'll have MacroEcon test tomorrow,which i hate SO MUCH.
I supposed to keep reading as i didnt even finish half of the notes so far.
YingYing darling came to find me.
Yeaps, we talked non-stop again.
Lol.But i just love to chat with her. *a big grin*
I'll be laughing like crazy. XD

Hearts you so much, darling.
♥ LOADS and LOADS of hugs and kisses.

Toast to my blissful life! =D

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

it may sounds sarcasm but what would you do with your very first salary.?
Parents who endure suffering and hardship to pay for our tuition fees comes first?
Or your Dean & DeLuca, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Versace, Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Chanel and so on?

i am girls; i can hardly make neither head nor tail of girls, though.
i mean girls in my college attend class with a Gucci/Burberry/Polo Ralph Lauren/Louis Vuitton or even Chanel bag.
And what the hell,they buy Coach and Gucci like i buy Converse and Nike.?
And what's next?fly to New York and shop in Sake's or Bendels'?
Probably some of them already are. Duh.

Worst still,that's one of my future-planning as well. =X

Enough dreaming.Back to cruel & not-so-wonderland reality.
i should stop nagging about being poor,
many peoples are grounded down by poverty.

i shouldn't be complaining my small eyes,
some are blind and they dont even know what is black and white.

i probably dislike my parents for being overprotective,
others may be wondering why their parents abandoned them?
perhaps,some of them never seen their parents before?

i always claim that i'm fat and i want a hunger strike,
many africans starved to death.

Well, after all, i have a pretty damn good life. =D
i do have great parents who beyond great,
sisters who admire and love me,
friends who always be so wonderful,
last but not the least, my hubby who love me and ONLY ME. =X

Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm breaking dishes. =/

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Am so feeling alone.
Roommate is back.I have assignment and test to deal with.I cant go out.I'm grounded.I'm locking myself in this tiny-little room.
And obviously,i dont like this feeling. ):

Vivi darling said i do have great friends and family,which I did.
Ying darling said we are so under compression force,which WE did.
Roommate said she's freaking busy,which SHE did.
Jiayin darling said her teammates sometimes are completely over the top,which THEY did.

And uh,i have totally no idea of my utter twaddle.
i'm completely out of my mind. )*#@)(*#!%(

i'm just-um, i'm just bored. ==
Perhaps it makes sense now.

Well, Grey's Anatomy is a great drama, though. *grinning*