Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That's quite a show.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Oh god, you guys have to check out my-dear-updated post.
I couldn't have agree more of what she wrote.

And oh, the new term she inventend = PLAGIARIZE DOG!
lol! So throw the COPYCAT term away!

Why pretty girls have to be slutty ey?
Any clue?
Why those insane-pervetic-freak wannabeS LOVE plagiarizing so much?
Oh please, be youself!

i would like to propose a toast to my dear fcking-dare-to-speak-out courage! =X
Cheers! XD

Left the very last exam,Business Law.
Oh god! i'm so going to sleep for 24 hours once i finished this crap finals!
Hey,i slept for 2 hours everyday since the finals started k?!
And i'm so damn tired! i'm a bit sick as well.sigh.
Blame it on who?! MY FINANCE LECTURER!

i wasted so many times on finance,which i wont get distinction.
cus my self-proclaiming 'genius' lecturer never teach us properly.
He thought he's so humour.He thought he's cool and whatever.
OH please,you suck!

Not to mention your LAME jokes.
Do you think talking about Carrie Bradshaw in The Sex of The City would make us more interested?
ABSOLUTELY NO! you're so wasting our times! i wake up at 8 AM to attend your class.!
this is extremely tiring!why cant you just teach us THE TOPICS WE NEED TO LEARN?!
Please? please!

i felt like he didnt teach us ANYTHING,and i mean NOTHING AT ALL.not even a chapter that i understood what he's talking about.
when i read through his notes,i was lecturing myself.
Using my way to understand all of the topics.i had to read really carefully for twice to give insight into the chapters.
And OF COURSE it was time-consuming sia!
isnt this infuriating?
okay, MR LOO, you can totally resign now.ANYTIME!
cus since we need to lecture ourselves,i dont think your existence would be necessary anymore,so BYE,dont see you again! DUH!

And oh, he's going to be the finance lecturer of Curtin Programme?

i'm so going to slim down in these 2 weeks holiday!
fasting,bicycling,table-tennis,badminton or whatever,just be lighter on weight, thinner from current appearance.

And to learn cooking from my level-of-5-star-chef mummy!
it's odd that she's well-known of her delicious and attempting home dishes while her daughters,including me,dont know how to cook! =X
SO, i gonna learn how to cook within these 2 weeks.And cook my hubby and dears(Vv and Yy) a nice meal!
Ah, i dont care! you all must eat! XD
dont want me to drive you all, then can eat the meal i cook gua.tsktsk. (:

I wanna go Venice!

I wanna go New York (Bendels)

I wanna go Egypt!

I wanna go Paris (Eiffel Tower)

I wanna go Disneyland!
*Do you see any Hidden Mickey?* XD

After all,I know i'm dreaming.
But it's fun having 'mind-travelling' as well.

♥ TT player playing:
Avant feat. Nicole Scherzinger - Lie About Us.

Sum 41 - Best Of Me
Rihanna - Take A Bow
Sum 41 - With Me
Sum 41 - In Too Deep
Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever You Like
Kardinal Offishal feat. Akon - Dangerous
Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You
Sum 41 - Still Waiting
Faber Drive - Tongue Tied
Faber Drive - When I'm with You

I'm so enjoying myself?
Gotta start study Business Law liao. tsktsk
and i miss my girl.BABY V,YOU HEARD ME? <3
Tsktsk. (:

p/s: i;ll post up some photos ONLY if wireless connection here gets better! Sigh.