Saturday, August 16, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Finals ended! No more staying up late for studying! Yay yay!

Went QB today.quite effective ey? *giggling*
Lunch at Sakae Sushi.Spent RM90! O_O
okay,we were facing too much pressure during finals,and that's the way we celebrate the end of this tortures. XD

Watched Meet Dave. Actually there's alot of movie which hubby wanna watch.
Too bad i'm going back tomorrow.
Happy,of course;Sad,bcus of him. Sigh.
Before watching movie,we went to play ting-ting! so fun leh.
we played alot today.Gun-shooting,drums,and some new games.THEY WERE FUN!

Dinner at my hunny's fave restaurant.
he claimed himself as VIP of TGI. =.=
Fuiyoh,very expensive lar.
Better sponsor me to shopping XD
Clothes endure.But food's not.It would be flushed by tomorrow.

It looks interesting. (: (: (:

And bought the-belated-1st-Anniversay present for hunny.
I'm so broke! =X
Well,nevermind loh.Long long time once.hehe.
My another secret present never done yet.My Vv darling gave me such opinion.
ILY,DARLING!Tsktsk (:(:(:
I'll give him the SURPRISE right after the holiday!
Uh,even though it's-um A LITTLE too late. =X
HOWEVER,it's the HEART that count.
Isnt it? XD

The salesgirl said it's limited edition.Left the last bottle.
Idk whether it's true or not. =X

Once i paid the bill,he was thrilled.
He kept kissing me on my cheeks and said,'thankyou time dont waste such money liao ar'
Ohgod,isnt he like a kid? (:
furthermore,he's so STUBBORN.his level is kinda reach mine. =X

Going back home tomorrow! WOHOOO!
worse part,i'm so going to have an appointment with dentist.
sigh.My ANOTHER tooth in pain again.wth?!
please dont extract my tooth anymore. T.T
I very very very VERY scare dentist! =S

TT player playing:
Little Trees - Help! I'm a fish.