Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Will you make everything alright?

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I am so fed up with the oh-so-yucky delivery.
Uh,chinese delivery,malay delivery,McD delivery or whatsoever delivery.
These just made me wanna PUKE.!

For god sakes,i ate 'nasi goreng biasa' for A WEEK!
Well,that's much much better than the chinese delivery.
i can barely stuffed the third bite of the food into my mouth!

and not to mention the extremely-incredibly-and-absolutely ridiculous hostel wireless connection.
it took me forever to surf a page!
Urgh! this is so frustrating.

Oh crap,final is on next week.
can you believe that?
thought we could chill out and have fun for-um,perhaps a week,after TONNES of tests and assignments?

And to Mr and Mrs Ants,
Could you all please get the hell of your ass out of my room!
Find anywhere else that suit your life BUT ABSOLUTELY NOT MY ROOM!
i dont want to see you on my table from now on! OKAY?

To Baby Lizards,
You totally freak my roommate and me out!
Can you imagine that we were having fun watching the nice movie,then you suddenly appear out of nowhere?!
So,get lost!

My YingYing darling afraid i'll starve to death in the middle of the night.
So she cook me nice delicious maggi mee.
Oh god,it tasted wonderful.
My darling will be a good wife in the future. *wink*
Thanks darling! You are the best!

We had fun while washing dishes,chitchatting about everything.
Well, i even told her about Wrestling.
Yeaps,i did watch wrestling,with my dad,long time ago.
Apparently,my darling had totally no idea of what is that.
And how possible she'd know?
i mean,she's such a sweetheart.Fashionable & gentle.
She got every personality that a girl SHOULD own,and um,which i dont. O_O
And oh,darling's mum's friend's grandma watched Sumo! LOL.
Isnt it funny?

Sigh.gotta wake up at 8 AM tomorrow to attend Mr. Loo CH class.
I hate him.as if anyone like him. *giggling*

Toodles. (: