Friday, August 15, 2008

ILY;IDK what's in your mind though.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I'm so not in the mood of studying business law.
The exam is on saturday. and today is-um,after 12am,so consider as FRIDAY!

First,Business Law is tedious and dull.
Second,things are not going right between me and boyfriend.
Third,i just dont get the mood to study.I'm tired.*should be fourth reason for the latter*

I got the urge to drag him out from wherever he is,and talk to him face to face!
I dont know what's wrong?
And it did affecting my emotions!and i mean SERIOUSLY.

it's not like i'm unhappy with him.We always have fun together!
He's the reason for my laughters.
Sometimes,i would be like,lying on the bed,staring on the ceiling and ask myself,'isnt this blissful?my life is great.i have a lovely bf,wonderful charming ladies who always there for me,family members who beyond GREAT!'
But sometimes,i'll be crying like hell after quarreling for god-know-what reasons!
i just-um,i just have totally no idea.
I couldnt help but wonder,is love suppose to be like this?
Happiness and Sadness just go like Merry-go-round.
you never know what'll happen next.

it's odd that in certain moment,he made me feel like i'm the ONLY ONE for him;all in a sudden,I felt like he doesnt care anymore.
He has the way to get butterflies in my stomach!

I've to marshal my thoughts.
Learn to deal with these conflicts.
it'll get better in time ey?

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