Saturday, August 28, 2010

♥My Girls. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved
Dinner with my girls @ Vintage Bulgaria.
This was like last sem which is around May?

But I just get the pichas naoo. *insert eye rolling here*

I'm lovin' the comfy cozy & romantic ambiance there.
Perfect venue to dinner out with the girls.

Ordering :)
I think the foods are major disappointment :(

Spaghetti. Not bad.

Pork Rib, if I'm not mistaken. It's their signature dish.

Mushroom soup. Thumbs up. It tastes very thick.

Some sorts of vege or fruits. I have no idea. Awful dish.

Bread & Butter!

The girls: Ying Sien & June.

Yours Truly & her fave dress :)

The bubbly pretty darling! :)

Lol. Lame me, I have nothing to blog about, hence pictures spamming ;)


Friday, August 27, 2010

♥For The Girls :)

Sorry lurves, for the long proscrastination!

Been pretty busy recently but I promise I'll still makeup my times to update my bloggie :)

My daily views dropped like hell but I still hope y'all will keep reading my blog alright? Hehehe.

Anyway, I would love to share some of my makeup tips with some lovely readers who requested for makeup tutorial! :)

I bought a lot of falsies recently (crazy I know) & found out Nature Republic has the most affordable yet good quality one.

Sooooo here we go.

P/S: A pair of falsies can be used for many times if you take good care of it.

Crossed falsies from Sasa.

Frankly? Not comfortable wearing it. But it appears to be ohhhkay in the pichas.
Wtf I bought 2 pairs of it urgh!

Ignore my untrimmed eyebrow Lol.

XN falsies from Nature Republic. Thumbs up, super natural can!

It's very easy to find natural falsies.

But to have one that is natural yet visible when you're camwhoring, that would be like impossible.

Anywayyyyy, I'm so proud to tell y'all that I actually found one that is super natural yet visible while camwhore! ;) Super adore it!

Am I genius or what? ;) *giggling w/ happiness*

With my new lens and the super natural falsies!

iVi falsies from Nature Republic. Hmm, you might think it's super exaggerating but IT'S NOT! Seriously. Perfect for night outs. It's not REALLY exaggerating la, but very visible lor. Love this too!

Tips: You may draw lower liner to make your eyes look bigger. Remember not to draw the whole part, just draw like 2/3 from the back of the eyes. The fill the 1/3 with white liner or white eyeshadow to brighten up your eyes.

Lovin' my F21 toga! :)

PP/S: If you girls do notice, I'm using the same technique, same way for my makeup, I mean my eyeshadow cause that's all I know haha! The falsies are making the difference! And of course the liner.

PPP/S: Don't forget to put on mascara for your bottom eyelash. Otherwise your eyes will look very weird with the long lashes on the top but na-dahh on the bottom part. I don't know how to put on falsies on the bottom lashes plus I'm afraid it might scare others so I just put on mascara.

PPPP/S: Liner is like my life. Couldn't live w/o it :p

So this is how I do my flick liner. W/o putting on falsies yet.

and please ignore my failed double eyelid tapes! :(

When open your eyes, it will look like this.
Remember to put on mascara on your bottom lashes.
I forgot to put on! =x

That's it for nao. I haven't tried all of my falsies.

So I'm gonna update if I do tried all of 'em! :)

Look forward girlssss! Love y'all! Huggiessss.

xoxo! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

♥Club Can't Handle Me. :)

♥Love & To Be Loved

Back in Penang. Class started. Tension much!
First day of class and we already have a presentation due week 3! :(

Attended 2 classes today & 2 textbooks needed to purchase. 1.6k total.

I'm so excited meeting back all of my classmates though! ;)
So broke coming back Penang! FML x2! Lol.

Babe Justhrin is asking me to aim to score this sem!
I guess I'll just cut down the entertainments & study more. Teehee! :)

Please bear w/ my superb vain camwhore pichas =X

Yours Truly ♥

Seriously hate my bunny teeth!

The Lurve ♥ *hugsss*
We seriously need to take alot of pichas together! :)