Sunday, April 27, 2008

i hate driving.. with coach bside.. =((

some enjoy their holiday, but some..suffer on their holiday... and I'm the 2nd one.. =( yeah, i suffer on my holiday.. not to mention no where to go on this sem break, i have to learn 4 more hours car driving..!! I thought driving is fun, but I'm ABSOLUTELY WRONG!! I thought the coachs are nice, too bad I'm wrong as well.. so whenever my daddy and mummy started to nag me about when to complete my car lessons and have my car test, i was SO FURIOUS!! sobsss.. OKAY, I'M DUMB SO WHAT!! I learn how to drive simply because I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!! but all these stupid brainless coach seems like expecting me to be PROFESSIONAL IN DRIVING ALREADY!! oh, c'mon!! If you don't like to teach driving, please, f*ck off! Be patient larhh, uncle! sighh..

i was so scare when i drive on the road, i feel like every car is coming to clash mine *- but everybody says it's would be great if I didn't clash others =.= -* Most cars won't give you face if you done anything wrong on the road.. They'll horn you if you 'dead fire' after the traffic light turn green, and they'll take over you if you drive too slow. Well, my friends did 'ENCOURAGE' me a lot.. sort of, 'ey blur fish, inform me if you are going to learn driving on which days, i better stay at home'(they afraid I will clash their cars =.=) OR 'ey dumb fish, inform me if you get you car license, even i know that will take quite a long time lar, anyway, remember tell me earlier lar, i'll switch off my handphone'(to prevent me from fetching them out, if you don't get it)

duh.. hopefully I can pass my test!! god bless god bless~ 保佑保佑~ T.T Popi Popi *-ying dear and ying dear's dear, joan's copyright-* xD

I CAN DO IT~~!! (hopefully~ T.T)