Friday, May 2, 2008

tagged by dearriee ying~ ^^

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
28/29 lorhh~ haha..all same geh~ xD

2. What will you do when you feel really HAPPY?
I would blog about it, and share with my dear friends~~~ =D *especially that Vv CHIN!! and the sweet girl who tagged me xD*

3. Who is your idol?
F.I.R!! and avril lavigne lohh~ BUT MY DAD & MUM ARE MY BIGGEST IDOL!! ^.^v

4. Where is the place that you want to go most?
DISNEYLAND!! from at tokyo japan, hongkong, california or canada*if i'm not mistaken* xD

5. If you have one dream to come true, what would it be?
I hope my family will live happily ever after~!!

6. What is the purpose of your life?
I wanna be a successful person~!! who is able to give better life for my family in the future~~ and don't let others to look down on them~

7. What are you afraid to lose the most right now?
SAME LOR... family and friends~~~ *don't leave me....... T.T*

8. What cheers you up for the rest of the day?
funny people... haha..

9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?
aiyor..very paiseh one mar~ probably i will just keep it in my heart.. even though i'll regret sometimes later in my life... BUT I REALLY DONT HAVE SUCH COURAGE MAR!! >.<

10. List out three good things of the person who tagged you.
She's cute~ pretty~ and friendly~ love her so much!! xD

11. What type of person do you hate the most?
Those mean girls... always backstab people even those innocent people don't even insult them before...

12. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
OMG.. i will 'ki siao'... so many $$$ for me to shop!! haha..but most happy thing is, I CAN STUDY OVERSEAS~~*without worrying my parents can't afford to pay for my studies..heart pain,they worked so hard...*

13. What is your ambition?

14. What will you do if you got rejected by someone you like?
very sad..will find my ladies as they are my best listener, and are always there for me.. *tears in eyes..*

15. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
SMALL GAS~~ xD and bad tempered.. T.T and don't cry so easily

16. What is your favourite colour?
PINK~~~~ & BLACK....

17. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
family and friends again.... =))

18. If there’s one thing in your life you want to do but yet unable to, what would it be?
Bring my mum to go overseas, especially korea..

19. What would you do if tomorrow was the last day of the world?
I don't want to accept this fact worhh~~~ T.T better don't die in the water..phobia of it.... =(

20. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
most important, love me and care about me... Never ever lie to me..