Friday, May 9, 2008

surrounded by happiness~ =D

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

yippie~ surrounded by happiness!!

yea, i am~ so there are a couple of things that i wanna share with~ =D i was so so excited about it~

firstly, guess what~ I GET MY CAR LICENSE!! dad was like, 'phew finally you get it..' LOL. and mummy was definitely relieved as she no need to KEEP reminding me, 'girl, when are you going to finish your 4 hours car practising???', 'girl, when are you going to the car test???' etc.. and ME, of course, no more nagging!! =D *no offence, mummy, you know i love you~~~ xD*

secondly, have i ever mentioned that i HATE double decker room?? i'll repeat it again if i did so, I HATE DOUBLE DECKER ROOM!! well, my roommate is lucky enough to find another double single room and she moved there.. kinda down that time.. i love my roommate and i wished to live with her and another reason is, i don't like double decker room..i wished so badly to move with her..sigh~ *sob T.T* anyway, roommate called me SOMEDAY, and told me a BIG GREAT NEWS!! her new roommate is moving out!! she'll keep the room for me if i wanted so.. hooray!! and i'll be her roommate again!! we are so 有缘, i suppose~ =D so, here I am, double single room, big and comfortable, enough place for me to keep my stuffs, bigger table to put my lappie and also my homeworks~ and MOST IMPORTANT!! i don't need to climb up and climb down as to reach my bed!! xD double decker bed is soooooooooo lame~~~!! i'm better off! =))

my study and entertainment area~

let me intro my breaddie and teddie~ and also my lil' stitch~ *NOTICE my upper cupboard, mickey and minnie~~ =P*

my bed... =)) and my doll doll family in hostel~

my table..and my lovely lappie~

my notice board is so full of memos from my lovely roommate~ *giggling~* ^o^

thirdly, i take finance, ACC274, this sem.. and i was quite shocked when i found out my lecturer is LLY, LIM LEE YANG??!! this is so kidding me man! no offence but i really can't understand what he is trying to teach.. and what is so 'cool' about him is, he can make a SIMPLE thing into COMPLICATED thing~ and hell yeah, end up with i'm totally blank with what he had taught. but, when i attended our very first finance class, our lecturer is changed to LOO CH, a new lecturer.. i was happy at first, but miserable in the end.. because.. I'm a bit blur of his teaching.. he was like, expecting we all to know everything about finance, and keep trying to test us on our finance knowledge.. *sir, i never watched CNBC..duh.* and nevertheless, we were science stream students, can you briefly teach us about the basic of finance, please?????? =( so i consider this case as 'happy at first, sad afterwards' *and hopefully, it will turn happy case in the end*