Monday, May 12, 2008

whining whining whining~ =/

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

i am not happy today. i have been told that somebody backstabbed me. and to be honest, i'm not close to her either. i was like, what the f*ck..!! okay, she said that i copy her. who the hell she think she is?? and what the hell of qualifications of hers made her think so??

Does she has to be so mean?? Everyone is living their own life. And, have you heard 'COINCIDENCE' before?? Are you not educated?? GIRL, TRY TO BE FRIENDLY, SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP AND LIVE YOUR LIFE..!! Trying to showing off your 'elegant' by simply accusing others copying you?? Not even close.

oh, here's a suggestion. Maybe you should seal your lips*instead of bull-shitting around*, you'll be look like a nice, elegant, sweet girl then*which i don't even think so. duh*.

*~`sick of two-faced person.`~*
stop living in your own world
wake-up and be nice..!!