Thursday, May 22, 2008

toothache still steamboating??? o.O

ermms.actually this pic has no relation with this post..just simply post this up because my dad puzzle this 2 emotions..!! cute huh~so old ady still so kiddo~ xD

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Ouch..!! Stupid toothache, made me suffer so much.. Cannot eat properly, no sweets, no chocolates.. It even drive me crazy when the tooth pain is torturing me whenever i try to sleep. T.T Sick of this kind of life. wonder when can I get rid of toothache.. =(

However, i still went steamboat-ing with hubby and friends.. xD ain't gonna bounded by the stupid toothache..!!

nice deco there.. got feel got feel~ xD

whoa~colourful and attempting~ ^o^

huan yew really pro in frying~ he fried almost everything, you name it =p

isn't the bear bear cute?? dotasai took 1 of mine..LOL.and he claimed that it's cute =D

I guess they had alot of fun there.. they even sang out loud without caring the other customers.. wonder whether their soup was alcoholic..LOL xD

half for hubby & half for me.. =p

so long for this post. really had alot of fun there. ^o^

p/s: roommate,
happy to see you so hardworking preparing for your exam..!!
i will pray for you and i know you can do well geh~

Love ya~~!!