Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day. <3 my mum alot.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Today is mother's day.. i guess, every family is celebrating their mother's day happily while i'm still here, in hostel. i am quite blue today as i couldn't celebrate this meaningful occasion with my dearest mummy. I can't even hand her a present to show my thankfulness towards her. Well, i did called her yesterday to wish her HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY, and no doubt she was very delighted. =)) i was like lighten up her mood. hehe. Mum said that they don't even have time to celebrate Mothers' Day this year as many things need to be done. Sis is going Matrix and many things have to be prepared. That is the reason why i'm not asking my dad to come and fetch me back. He would be exhausted if i did so. Rush to penang and rush back to kulim, Sunday fetch me back to penang and rush back to kulim and fetch sis to Changlun in the very next day?? no way.. I would be so inconsiderate if i did so.. Feel like i'm a good nice daughter at the moment~ *wink* Why don't I take a bus? okay, firstly, i'm scare to be alone. Secondly, there are too many bangla, indonesians around the bus stations and jetty.. they really freak me out..

Anyway, hubby brought me out on saturday and we went queensbay.. Both of us had so much fun. At first, we went Manhattan fish market as we were so starving..!!


soup of today & XXX soup*forgotten its name*. XXX soup quite special because it is prepared depends on the chef's mood~
if you ask me how was the chef's mood that day, i think he's in a good mood~wink*

Peach Tea V.S. Captain's XXX*yeah, i forgotten the name AGAIN. lame. =.=*

This is so yummy and made us so FULL..!! *spotted: hubby is ready with his spoon. LOL. cuz our tradition is -PHOTO-SHOOTING COME FIRST, ENJOYING MEAL COME LATER-*

I love the *SQUAR-IE* deco...............

.....................and their lightings.

after lunch, hubby said he saw a nice formal shirt in Esprit, therefore, he took me there to have a look. i persuade him to try on the shirt as i feel he quite likes it.. to be honest, the formal shirt looked nice on him. Probably nicer if he's willing to keep fit. *no offence,honey..just telling my opinion~* the formal shirt costed him 199++, so the salesgirl suggested us to purchase another items which around 100++ and we'll get a member card.. hubby chose me a cloth, and i bought myself one.. i prefer the one i choose lar, lol. though the smaller size had been sold out, i still insist to buy the larger size.. o.O *aiks..stubborn huh?* FINALLY, the Esprit card, of course, is belong to me..!! LOL. and, of course, in my wallet now~ =P *wink~honey, you are the GREATEST OF ALL!! muahx~* we were kinda broke after that.. =( sigh..


MOVIE TIME AGAIN. We watched Speed Racer. While we were watching, we just realized that Speed Racer is actually the name of the hero in the movie.. *sweat* Overall, the movie was kinda touching and funny.. I would described those racing cars FANCY instead of COOL.
As we were broke, we had our dinner in Nando's loh~ LOL. Ohya, hubby told me before that he saw a VERY NICE mickey keyboard and he wanna buy it for me because he sure that i will like it very much. so he bought me the mickey keyboard and i bought myself a mickey 'mouse'. not mickey mouse, it's mouse which is disney brand.. =D *confusing~~~~* now, my lappie is so MICKEY, and is much lovely now~ hehe.. thanks hubby!

perfect combination..!! =)) thanks honey.

Mickey MOUSE..~~ xD

had a great day today.. hubby and me took alot of stupid dumb pics and i would like to share here.. both of us looked so 'deng' and we gone crazy while photo-shooting. LOL.

♥`~..he's my man..~`♥

*..tiger-tooth bubu & rabbit-tooth fish..* LOL. xD

love him loads..~~ =))

p/s: yy darling,
i will be always there for you~

just be yourself and live your life..!!
love you.
lotsa hugs and kisses~