Tuesday, May 27, 2008

tooth extraction. ):

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Okay, even I suggested to go for tooth extraction today, still I felt SCARE~ *definitely, right?* Roommate and hubby accompany me to go for tooth check last time. *thanks roommate, i love you so much* However, only hubby is accompanying me this time because roommate is having her test today.

We went for lunch first and I had no appetize at all.. Overwhelmed by fearness..~~ I know hubby was trying hard to calm me down so he suggested us to go BJ mall for a walk.. Hubby bought me a same bracalet that I lost.. *thanks darling..* and he bought himself a 8Gb pendrive and some Games.. We managed to get ourselves some discs as well~ =D

Okay, so long for happy moment, and here come my disaster.. We reached the clinic and i was freaking out.. hubby hugged me tight and keep comforting me.. I felt so secure by that moment.. The dentist gave me 3 drug injection..!! Hope it won't leave any side effect to my brain.. i dont wanna be retarded.. ):

After struggling in the pain, we were done. The tooth came out.

i know it looked disgusting~ bad tooth bad tooth~

I took a nap after i went back to hostel and I started to feel the pain of the extraction. I couldn't manage to have my dinner.. However, I drank Milo and a piece of bread. Took my painkiller medicine and I'm better off. Hopefully the pain is gone tomorrow once i wake up.

p/s: roommate, thanks for all of your caring.. ^o^
hubby, thanks for accompanying me whenever i need you. (: