Friday, May 2, 2008

Fish's memory with DEAREST FRIENDS~ =D

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

dear and I were planning to come penang someday.. So my brilliant dear decided to come on 1/5 and we gonna stay there for couple of days.. On the way to penang, I sms-ed chris asking him whether he is still coming penang.. and not forget to 'scold' him as well, as he always 'fly us aeroplane'... T.T *poor us..always looking forward for his coming, but end up with he's not coming..!!* >.<>

chris: i din fly u all aeroplane lar..leeming is not coming back, i have no place to stay..
me: i got place for you to stay larhh..
k..i'm coming day after tomorrow..
why not tomorrow??
i tot i told you all i'm coming on 2nd of may..

and he called me... asking me why he doesn't even realize that day is 1st of may and the next day is 2nd of may.. *chris, god-who-know you so blur??*

*~1st of May~*
it was labour day!! which means my dad no need to open shop, so he drove me and dear to penang..*my daddy so niceee~ i love him so much!! =))* actually, i brought ALOT of stuffs to hostel *as usual* and dear claimed that i was like staying hostel for MANY years~~ xD
when dear and I were going to bath, i just realized I FORGOT TO BRING MY TOWEL ALONG!! *ohmigosh, how blur am I..but i guess everyone made mistakes.LOL* so i had to borrow towel from my hubby lor.. once he saw me, he started to complain on my hairstyle after he gave me a BIG SHOCKED FACE!! he said that my hair looked terribly ugly..!! =.= hurted me..!! T.T

roughly tidy up my stuffs, dear and me started to prepare for SHOPPING~~ =D *girls.sigh* we makeup and ended up with our room was in a BIG MESS~~!!

here is the prove.. =.=!!!

haha. my mummy made us 3 nice dishes~~ dear kept praising the 'mei cai kou rou' very nice~~ *hubby and I agree so~mum, you are really a great cooker~!!and this is the first time hubby try my mum's cooking!!haha~* too bad i forgot to snap some photos of the dishes.. after the wonderful dinner, we straight head off to qb~ dear was finding makeup base that suit her.. so i recommend her the face shop makeup base,*doreen recommend me~* their products are totally non-chemical, which means they are no harm to our teenagers' skin~ besides, the products package is very... elegant, i suppose? as a conclusion, i strongly recommend products from the face shop..!! my opinion only ar..didnt force anyone to take it upon to yourself for the consequences..~ *sounds* and have to mention that i bought the face shop lip gloss~ i think quite nice loh~

lol.both of us are so vain~ *giggling..*

MOVIE TIME~ lol. hubby kept nagging that he wanna watch ironman for weeks.. so he still insisted to watch ironman even there was only 1st row left.. overall, the movie was quite nice. with all the eye-catching, elegant, and 'COSTY' sport cars~~!! the triple O one..dear said it called audi~i love AUDI so much~ohmigosh~wish that I could have one as well..~~BMW 5 series or 7 series would be fine also.haha

we were supposing to be exhausted after the movie and shopping~ but we are not~ we can't sleep at all, we chat chat and chat until 3 am something, then we both decided to watch gossip girl till 5.13am. we were starting to doze off and so we sleep soundly~

♥*~2nd of May~*♥
once dear and me woke up, our stomach started to 'grumbling'..~~ so, after a quick preparation, GURNEY HERE WE GO~ xD once we reached gurney, hubby suggested us to go his fave kim gary for breakfast+lunch. LOL. and maybe we all were so starving and after tick tick tick the menu, we didn't even pay attention when the waiter re-read our menu.. only when our orders all were served, suddenly the waiter served a BIG 避风港面 to us.. we thought it was the waiter carelessness at first, actually it was us that tick wrong~~!! haihz..we were so full with our own order already.. so the 避风港面 was wasted like that.. kinda sinful~ T.T

it looked attempting and it tastes wonderful as well~ strongly recommend champagne+grape~

i was trying to find my sister a nice Nike shoes but we didn't get a nice one eventually. So we decided to go for a movie.. Actually, current movies is so not my type as they are horror movie.. But they are my hubby and dear's type..sweat.. they kinda 'bian tai'~ LOL. pay money to scare themselves.. =.=!!! so we watched 'SHADOW IN THE PALACE', which dear claimed it not very horrible.. IT IS for me..

after the movie, dear and I went MPH as she is trying to find to find AVALON HIGH. and yeah, she was lucky enough that she found her AVALON HIGH with paper cover one.. and she also recommend me ALL-AMERICAN GIRL, which is best selling in america.. cool. guess it won't be as boring as the 2 novels i read in holiday~ LOL.

meg cabot. she's just awesome..!!

as for dinner, we went for NANDO'S. economic and full. =D as for usual, i ordered 1/4 chicken with coleslaw and peri chips. love this combination, it just wonderful. dear tried some new changes by order potato salad as 1 of her side dishes, and i'm sure she won't get to order the potato salad anymore.. XD yeah, it tasted a bit..weird.. they not even peel the skin of the potato.. mexico-way of eating potato~

i love the feel in Nando's.. calm and comfortable~ =))

while we were having our dinner, kae herng sms-ED me that she is joining us tomorrow with chris!! it is a great news of course. we are looking forward for tomorrow~~!! HSC GANG GATHERING..!! *aww~too bad monkey ming could not join us. or else, it could be much more fun..!!! =D*

♥~*3rd of May*~♥
CHRIS, KAE HERNG & YY are coming penang to join us!! i can't express my excitement at that moment~ we didn't go skating eventually as some of them don't feel like skating.. *i was so disappointed~~ T.T* we went to fetch chris at bus station once he reached, and straightaway went qb.. baby dino will reach later as she bought 3pm bus ticket, if i'm not mistaken..
chris bought us some egg tarts but i not managed to have some.. i was thinking to eat the egg tart after my lunch, but i was too full after the lunch in sakae sushi~ anyway, thanks for the HEART, chris.. just like vv said, it's the thought that count..kai xin joined us while we were having lunch in sakae.

this green tea ice cream is so so nice~~!!


keep eating~ keep keep eating till full~ =D

my set~ forgot wat it called already..but it's real nice!! strongly recommend!!

i love the special design there~

hubby said this sushi looked cute. but it's not yummy~

while waiting for baby dino arrival, everyone accompany me to *AGAIN* search for the NIKE SHOES. FINALLY, i got a nice one~ hopefully sis will like it~~ god bless~ =D
baby dino reached and so was my DEARRIE YING YING~ we all met at skate ground but ended up with no skating, because some of them don't feel like skating.. and guess what, THEY ARE GOING TO WATCH SLIT-MOUTHED WOMAN!! holy sh*t~~!! it is even horror than the SHADOW IN THE PALACE, man.. T.T but hubby was so eager to watch, so... ma accompany him lor.. pity me, i was like 砧板上的鱼肉,任别人主宰.
okay... overall...... THE MOVIE IS DAMN SCARY!! even i just closed my eyes or hide my face on my hubby's tummy during the scary part, the sound totally freak me out!!
while waiting for the movie, i accompany yy darL to buy her converse bag.. and she managed to get a nice one. then we meet them at wong kok..chatting and having some snacks there..
when we reached hostel, the guard forbid dear and kae herng to stay in the hostel.. so, they come out with clubbing idea.. dear found a transport. her friend, ah wooi is fetching us there. however, i had quarrel with hubby as he does not like clubbing at all.. that time, i was so miserable, dont know what to do.. but as kae herng so wish to go, we decided to go loh.. chris follow us as well. i was so disappointed with my hubby as he didn't follow us there. he just left we girls to go clubbing. i am her girlfriend. how could him? even how unwilling he is, he still had to protect me, isn't it?? *however, we settle things up eventually, and he quite regret for wat he done..hopefully..* dear's friend, ah wooi, was so 'kong bu'.. after clubbing, he still brought us to HEAVEN disco..*which is VERY VERY LOW CLASS* he promised to fetch us back at 4.. but he didn't!! what the hell.. his friend said that he ate the pill some more.. ohmigosh.i was freaking out that time..
FORTUNATELY, 1 of his friend fetch us back with his car.. phew..good to be back in hostel..

♥ baby fish in love with baby piggy.♥ HEART HER.. <3♥ baby fish in love with baby dino~♥ heart her as well~ <3

dance pool~ =))

♥~*4th of May*~♥
time to go home~ kae herng and chris are going home.. and so are dear and me. however, the uncle which always late, caused chris and kae herng missed their bus..poor guys...they have to buy another 3pm bus ticket.. dear and me took rapid penang to prangin, then took another rapid penang straight back to bukit mertajam, and finally 107 bus to kulim.. stupid bus driver, he kept let the passengers up the bus even the bus is FULL!! brainless.. and there are so many 'bangla' and indonesians~~!! they smell awful.. =( i was barely able to breathe.. *choke.. T.T*
as we reached kulim, my uncle is waiting there already..we fetched dear home and finally i reached my home~~ ahhh~ it so nice to be home..after i took a nice, comfortable bathe, i straightaway take a nap..
after i wake up, we went out to have dinner~


i'm so sorry that i've neglected you these few days..
my friends had coming so far
so i have to spend more times with them..

anyway, i know you'll understand me
and you won't mind right?

love you alot...
you'll have my fully attention next time we go out together~

muahx..hugs and kisses~