Sunday, May 18, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Go backward to a few days ago, i was shocked by this saddening news, earthquake in China.. A powerful, horrible, and the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit some cities in Sichuan. Striking in midafternoon, without any prediction and warning, all the buildings, offices, schools and homes are devastated. Thought they can relieve after the earthquake, no, they still have to worry about the aftershock.

it is saddening for those who lost their home, but it is unacceptable for those who lost their dearest family members. Money can rebuild one's house, but what about a person's life? If it's gone, you'll lost it forever. Nothing can be done to bring a life back. When i was watching the news, i saw some people kept diggling in the ruined of the buildings, trying to hard to remove the slabs of the concrete and steel. Imagine that buried people struggled to break free from the rubble, while their family members who are lucky enough to be alive, crying out for help. Families stand by the wreckage as the rescuers wrote the name of the dead on the whiteboard. *Tears in my eyes.* The earthquake also crashed the telephone networks, causing many people couldn't managed to contact their relatives and family in Sichuan.

Mum told me that, around 28,000 people died, including many children whose school buildings collapsed. It trapped many students beneath the collapsed high school as well.

In the other hand, i was quite impressive with the kindness of those rescuers.. they are willing to risk their life to rescue the victims. As long as there was a slightest hope, they'll never give up. Celebrities from hong kong and china contributed large amounts of money and make their best efforts to help the victims..

This massive earthquake casted a chill over me. For those survivors of the earthquake, be tough, our thoughts are with you in this difficult moments. For those who are still buried, please hang on a bit longer, i believe that rescuers are going to rescue you.. And for those who never gone through this disaster, please be satisfy for what you have owned so far. No matter how poor we are, we still got our family with us..

Dad, Mum and Sis,
Hubby and My darling friends,
I LOVE and I TREASURE you all.
Hugs and Kisses.

p/s: yingying darling inspired me to write about this blog. =D