Saturday, November 3, 2012

Penang delicacy x Kayelle savoury x Hometown goodies (Part 1)

♥Love & To Be Loved

I've been talking about being on diet all along but bonne bouche are simply irresistable! Having a big-appetite boyfie and due to my low resistance towards good food, we've been eating every goodies around. Sinful temptation really.

Penang is just an extremely small island, but surprisingly you could dig out a lot of gold delights, let it be inside of the shopping mall or some random insignificant hawker stall! I stay in Penang for 5 years already and I still can find something new to eat, from different sources. Well apparently, I have alot of food-hunter buddies around me. :D okay, I'm blaming them for making me growing rounder & rounder haha! :/

So as I mentioned in the previous post, we went down Kayelle for DG's party and guess what we've been doing for the next few days. Shopping & eating! :D Thanks to boyfie's aunties, found a few places that serve really good food. I'm really regret that I didn't take any picture for one of the restaurants we had tried. It was located somewhere inside a taman near Tropicana mall. Very tricky small roads that I couldn't figure out till now. But they served the BEST indo tauhu. I just tried it for the very first time, but I just couldn't stop eating that. Gahh, I miss it already :( why we don't have it here in Penang!? I wanna let my mum try so that she could figured how to cook that for us in the future! *evil grins*

Besides that, we went to this Yip Hup Kee yong tau hu shop which is slightly different from Penang. No offense but I don't really have good impression on Kayelle hawker food, I always find Penang has better one. Well perhaps I'm lousy in finding a good one, but hey this shop totally changed my mind!


They fried it perfectly. Very crispy and not so oily.

Look at the steaming hot soup.I always like the soup to be extremely hot, just like this one.

They called this as wantan mee, but really? It looks exactly like Penang chee-cheong fun. Are you sure its wantan mee? :O I think they sprinkled some shrimpsdried & 'bak-hu' on it which gives the wantan mee/chee-cheong fun a bit of crunchy texture. Interesting...

Or this is wantan mee? I'm confused nao. .___.
But I personally like the noodles.

Aftermath. You could tell how satisfied we were towards the food. Boyfie whacked 2 plates of chee-cheong fun, share half of his aunty's noodle and eat up all the fried food! He's a monster I swear.

And so we went around golden triangle area doing last minute shopping before we head back Penang. Ended up, we ate more than we shopped. Bought Carl's Junior & some junkies from The Loaf to cure our sweet tooth.

Choco puff that makes me go CRAZY!And no I'm not sharing with anyone!I'm eating this myself! HAHAHA. I love how the not-so-sweet chocolate melt in my mouth. Mmmm.. HEAVEN! I always prefer bitter chocolate.

A must at The Loaf. Uhuhu cheesecake in tiny little pretty cups. Imma happy girl.

As a conclusion, The Loaf should open a branch at Penang already. :/

I must be insane for doing this post in the middle of the night. I gotta get to bed before I get hungry haha! I promise I'll blog about hometown goodies in the next post. CAUTION: Keep your tummy full before you start reading babes! :)

Okay bye! Peace out x.