Saturday, October 10, 2009

♥Bad Day. :(

♥Love & To Be Loved

This is the very first time i felt so humiliated that i actually tears :(
Well, to be more precisely, twice !
Nah, i'm not being dramatic.
it's like i dont like this kinda person but when i was being accused as if i'm the one,
it hurts deep inside.
i have no appetite & i cant sleep well.
i stare at my assignment and was like goes blank.
The critics keep rushing through my mind.
I just cant get rid of the negative thoughts.
Seriously, i aint this kinda girl kay?
i do concern about my assignment.
i certainly understand you're stress out but we are too.
So cant we just tolerate and at the very least,
TRY to be in each others' shoes?
If you are not satisfy with our attitude, do tell us face to face,
i think everything can be solve.
This is nothing big deal actually,
just that we dont know you feel that way.
Miscommunication aye?
just voice out, let us know.
Afterall, things will come out all right in the wash.

Btw, thanks bff Justhrin for buying us tomyam maggie for supper.
Been craving for tomyam maggie for like what WEEKS?
and it did lighten up my day a little bit bit :)
Well, nevertheless my craving has been fulfilled,
FINALLY for god sakes. *big grin* :D
in case Samuel bro read this, jie so sorry,
i just cant resist the food temptation :( Dang!
And nothing change, you still owe me tomyam steamboat~ :D
and oh, ice mocha :)

Heck! Sometimes comes to the end,
i dont really know what are we fighting for?
i mean the uncountable stay-up-late nightssss to prepare for exams
and to finish up assignments,
sometimes havin' conflicts with groupmates due to the assignment
(the issue that i'm havin right now, awfully hurts),
and not to mention mismatch of times to meet up with long-lost friends
(like i cant get to meet up with hun, Tian Ran when she came back m'sia few weeks ago or cant club together with babe Jeslyn at Mois).
i thought life is about live it to the fullest
in the sense that we enjoy ourselves ,
we are able to do whatever we feel like doing .
But taking this Curtin programme makes me feel like
i ALWAYS flooded with courseworks and tests like FOR GOOD.
Like baby Jac said, think twice before you go for Curtin programme.
Seriously no jokes.
The tense is indescribable, dreadful killers man!

okay, i ll stop being emo .
enough ranting here.

I dont wanna bore the lovely readers of mine to death. :)
I totally worn out. Gotta crush to bed and continue doing my assignment after that.
Anyway i love you guys and god bless everyone ! Lurvessssss!