Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm not feeling alone. Cus this life is filled with LOVE. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Chun they all were having steamboat at dinner last night.
They had it in hostel balcony.
Um yeah, HOSTEL
i remembered last time ying darling,keanlit,jr,my hubby and i had steamboat once in hostel.
but the tomyam soup that we made was inedible.

Darling got insomnia last night, AGAIN.
She came to my room with tears filmed her eyes.
8 AM class today made her even panic,and she cried out helplessly.
It was too sudden and i freaked out.
I tried to console darling and trying to let her know everything is okay.
Jiayin, darling and me slacked around,
hoping to slack off her heebie-jeebies.
Darling, i'm always here for you.
Dont be too timid to seek for my company even in the middle of the night.
Just promise me.
I'm not taking NO for an answer.
As a matter of fact, i insist. (:
Uh, unless you are not treating me as your darling?
♥ Hearts you,darling.

I am so not feeling well today.
Had tummy-ache and there's an ulser in my mouth.
Urgh.! I cant eat anything.The pain is killing me.
Oh god, i'm so hungry.
Starving to death,indeed.
Well,well. Fine,i'll treat this as my hunger strike.
Maybe i'll get thinner, who knows? *i know i'm dreaming.*
DUH. *insert eye-rolling*

And um, keanlit's birthday is on 31st of July.
I sent him a birthday message today.
And i thought i'm the one who get it wrong,
there were a lot of people wished him before me though.
So,i guess i dont have to be embarrased.? =p
Anyway,hope you'll get every of your wish come true, birthday boy.! ^^

Enough crapping.Time's to deal with assignment.
Toodles. (:

i found this very funny. XD