Tuesday, July 29, 2008

29.7.2008 ♥

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

yeaps,it may sounds like nothingbuttuesday
but it means ALOT to me.
it's our 1st year anniversary.gee. ^^
well,we went nowhere to celebrate our anniversary.
Since we're so being tests-and-assignments-bound,dear decided to give me a little surprise.
he asked me to go to his room at around 5 PM.

Once i reached 5th floor,hubby scampered out from his room.
He rushed towards me & hugged me. *blush*
He took my bulky lappie and hold my hand and led me into his room.
lol.looks like he's more excited than me.
He opened his room and i saw the light is off
and something is glowing in the dark.

My lovely hubby arranged the Ferroro Rochers into a perfect heart-shape.
Candles all around and did you notice the 2 fishfish?

This is such a perfection.
i was dazed by his wonderful piece of work.
i stood there like an idiot,staring at his surprise.
hubby hugged me from behind,asking me whether his surprise satisfy me?
well,what more could i request, honey?
This is the most thoughtful fish-like anniversary present ever.
I'm gonna remember this moment forever.
I mean,my honey is a romantic,who knew?Gee. ^^
And it's the ♥-heart-♥ that's all matters.
You listened to me,remembered what i'd mentioned
and gave me the anniversary celebration that i long for.

You know i love chocolate.So you made me a heart-shaped ferrero rochers.
You know i love yoga.So you bought me his CD.
You know i love Haagen Dasz.So you bought me ice cream cake from there.
You know i love strawberry.The cake topping is nothing but strawberry.

Haagen Dasz cake,specifically for me.

with my fave strawberry.yummy.& it costed 140++?!
So small size only wor.. ==

I love you,baby. For everything. (: