Saturday, July 5, 2008

HopHop & Touch the Bright Blue Sky. (:

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Hubby's basketball team failed to make it to the final.
Today is the final for the basketball competition.AUP vs SOEAT.
And so we went to watch the match.
Ohya, my roommate was there as well. (:
Ended by AUP was the champion.Well, they did play well.So were SOEAT.
Perhaps they were just not lucky enough.

Went queensbay for dinner as hubby suggested.
TGI was so full.Waited about 10 minutes to get a seat.
While waiting, we went Watson to buy contact lens solution.
The sensor rang while we going out.that was so EMBARASSING..!!
Well,anyway,we didn't caught many people attention, i suppose..?

OH god.I found some new menu in TGI, FINALLY.LOL.
It was like they never change their menu for almost a decad.
HELLOOOO.Customers need INNOVATION, don't you know?

Lovely keychain. <3


OH god.Blur Fish got craving for CHEESE CAKE..!!

It was still early when we finished our dinner,so we went Esprit.The sensor rang AGAIN..!!
Luckily the salesgirl was so nice to help us find out what stupid stuff in my bag that triggered the sensor..!!
So we stood by the sensor,trying to wave anything in my bag one by one through the sensor.
That is when hubby waved my calculator and the sensor rang.
Okay,it was my fault.I forgot to take out the calculator from my bag yesterday after class. ):
And we all laughed at the same time.LOL.
Hubby was taking my bag and when we were going out, i told him to go out by right side and i'm going out by left side.
And the salesgirl laughed.LOL. =p

Went to watch Hancock after that.I think it was a nice movie.The storyline was quite touching.And i just love to watch movie by lying on hubby's shoulder.I felt so secure and warm. *blush*

OH.I'm so tired right now.Gotta go to my lovely bed.
XO XO, BlurFish. (: