Friday, July 4, 2008


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

♥ 3 July.
Cost & Management Accounting Test: Uncertain. Probably screwed up?
Yy darling & I got too excited the night before the test day.
We can't pay attention on our revision anymore. =p
Pig, monkey and a human are coming today.
OMG. This is so fun!
And errmm, when we were having this test, Yy darling asked me to take a look at the tiny window at the door outside.
A monkey head popped out.
& suddenly a pig head appeared out from no where.
Obviously half of her head. LOL.
Hell ya, they're Vivian and LeeMing lar. xD
Wenhui came as well.. And she got her new hairstyle, lightning perm~
Sounds cool huh~She always try out some new things.
I mean, she cut her long-black-silky hair.!!
This need lotsa courage.

Oh Crap.
I left my handphone and room key inside the room.
Realized it right after i slammed my door.
And it locked.
My handphone=My camera.
This is so irritating.Gotta be missed out alot of crazy snapshots.Sigh.
Went gurney.Straight to Redbox.yeah,yy's darling fave.
She's been DESPERATING for it for almost few weeks.
She sings wonderfully. and i do mean WONDERFUL.
she should go for the Astro singing competition, seriously.
I don't like to sing.I can't sing either.
So I don't like sing K.
However, i have to say this is the best moment i ever had in REDBOX..!!
These guys were crazy..!! LOL.
We cam-whoring.Stepping on the couch.Jumping on it.Did the stupid&hilarious dancing.
Cheryl joined us later.Ah yes, the hot but crazy lady.
Well,from her case,i definitely agree that never ever judge the book due to its cover.LOL
OH God.
I was so starving after the great fun.
Went Kim Gary.AHH..So full after the meal.
Watched Wanted.
Angeline Jolie is SOOOO HOT!The sport cars and the guns were impressing me.
I am so into sport cars and cool weapons.
Ohya,the bullets are so unique.
Overall, i enjoyed the movie. (:
Reached hostel at about 11pm, i suppose?
It's really fun to hang out with friends.
Especially those that you haven't meet up for quite a time.
Gotta be miss them alot.
Will post up some overdue pics once I get them.Vv darling,send me the pics ASAP.
I'll love you ALOT. xD
Anyway, ttyl.Gotta back to my movie, House. (: