Monday, April 27, 2009

Go ahead and be as bitchy as you want. =/

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

ON A LIGHTER NOTE: WTF i wrote the post and accidentally deleted ALL!
I have to write EVERYTHING once again!
Seriously wanna kill myself! URgh!

Wonder why someone can be so silly and immature.
People can be so self-contradictory you know.
Or rather face it, they can mercilessly lampooned others yet they're behaving like one.

They said if a love relationship comes to an end, the parties ll be hurted the most.
Thus why must smash the already broken hearts into scatters even more?
Even though there's no intention to patch up.

And i thought we should comfort the victims instead of descending to personal abuse?
It's awful enough for one to encounter such pain, dont make him/her feel worse.
If you're a gentleman or a lady to the fingertips, then act like one.
Be liberality instead of being all grundy & insularity.
Because you indirectly make a muff of yourself.
Given the fact that revenge is so not cool.
Like hellooooo, one party can part as friends, strangers or whatever it is but enemies? Unh unh, that top it all off.

It's inerrable to move one with your life after such mess.
but hey, dont you think it's certainly no harm for being a lil' bit considerate for one's weak moment?
Girls are borne bitchy, i would say. (dont tell me you're not. like duh, it's impossible kay?)
And oh just a second, that's not girls' priority anymore.
Why? Because some guys nowadays are evolving into one, too. Admit it :)
Well, well. What a surprise!

We all know that only the parties involved understand exactly what's what.
For us, who are the outsiders, for god's sake please just stop interfering!
We dont know the exact fact; so what we say were pure conjecture.
That being so utterly-absolutely-bloody-fcking unfair for the privies.
Mind our own business, dont be nosy. PEACE MAN! :)
Think, and i do mean THINK before you talk.
If that's none of your business, just stay out of it. Really.
Let the concerned parties do the justice.

P/S; Fie, for shame simply accusing people! i really dont appreciate that. *insert eyes-rolling here*
Please note that my post is extremely not a pointed comment.
Thus dont take my words on your own conceit. Geez~