Wednesday, April 29, 2009


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Weee! Outing! :)

Well, well.
When it strikes holiday, my girls started ringing up each others for errr, what else if not planning for a great outing! :)
Admit it. girls just cant get enough of shopping theraphy, gossiping, LOL like nobody's business and therefore shopping center would be a great choice to do everything at once.
i wish i dont make us sounds like you know, bimbos of kinds cause we aint one anyway.
We study hard and play hard at the same time.

Singing is so not my thing, I CANT SING! I REALLY REALLY CANT SING!
I'm tone-deaf, which means i always go detonieren and OMFG i just cant sing.
Yet who the hell cares if it involves your bffs.
So yeah, we went redbox. (happy bffs Jac & Justhrin)
We camwhored like ALOOOOOT, to the extend that the flash made me having migraine right now! No kidding!
Took over 200 pics with bff, Jac's camera and not to mention those in my cellphone and bff, Justhrin's.
We're crazy, i know. :)
Taking photos with my 2 oh-so-thin bffs ALWAYS make me look F.HUGE. And i do mean HUGE.
And thus, they're definitely my driving force to slim down! ^^

Oopsy! P.D.A? :p

The lover.

I cant tell how well they can sing!
Ultimate XXX , collect skin lah! =X

With one accord we all stood up and had mad time singing! XD

Simply LOVE this pic!

BFF authentication. Eternally. :)

The wackiest hottie that never be normal.
Pictures will do the justice.

The sweet babes. :)

The charming girl.

Triples. :)

The gorgeous lady.

That pretty much sums up our day. ♥

p/s; I LOVE MY GIRLS! Really. It defies description.
I hope bff, Justhrin ll feel better after all.
bff, Jac & I are pretty well in entertaining peoples you know. XD
Anway, if you guys expecting more pics, feel free to drop by MY FACEBOOK. :)

That's it, then.
Until next time.