Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boom Boom Pow. :D

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Everyone's blog seems to fall into a silent land;
Bff, Jac's blog is privated due to renovation.

Bff, Justhrin's blog is privated and suspended for most of the time.

Bff, V's blog, OMFG!
She's an absolute procrastinator!
She has not been updating us for like what, months?
Anyway, she is granted a depurge since she's preparing for her exam.
All the best, sweetheart! LOVES YA! Tsk tsk :D

Bff, Joanne's whole brand new blog is different case though.

As for mine, tacky tacky tacky.
you know, humdrum blogskin, oh-so-tedious posts
*well, not to mention frequent procrastination DUH~*


Had dinner at Justhrin's room.
They insisted to watch Saw.
Needless to say, i dont watch.
i just watched them watching it. :S
i mean, hellooo, i dont want to caught insomnia kay?
And yes, i dont deny i dare not to watch horror movies, ghost movies or whatever it is.
i dont go toilet ALONE in the middle of night.
i have a fear of dogs, insects, flies, cockroaches and in a word any other living things except homosapiens.
Oh, make dolphin, shamu & fishies an exception! :)

IN a conclusion, pretty much sums up the NO-GUTS&TIMID CARYNE LAW.
I'm not proud of it yet i dont deny it =X

I'm tired, might as well go to bed now.
Toodles and sweet dream, pals :)

p/s; ll talk about the haircut with bff, V and my baby sis on next update.
That's it, then.
Until next time.