Thursday, May 14, 2009

♥Everything will be alright. =l

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Hello PALS.
Just done my masque and watched fast & furious like few minutes ago.
On a lighter note, i love love LOVE that movie! It's like freaking cool man! :p
I'm having barrette to keep my bang off my face, hair tied up loosely.
So you can totally imagine how aunty i look like right now.
BTW, i LOVE my new Beaumont hydrator cus it smells nice and oil free. :D
i really salute myself for being so persevere with saving my skin!

I know i sound relaxing but no, i did not forget that i have a 2500 words Law Assignment to pass up due Monday.

Speaking of which, i was so mad just now because some people woke me up when i was taking a nap.
Seriously, who does that?
Even people with minimal common sense would be in the know that it is necessary keep quiet when someone is taking a rest.
This is logical thinking, courtesy, and hence you dont need others to remind you of that.
That would be supervacaneous, isnt it?

Enough said.
Just purely rant on my mischance here. :/

That's it, then.
Until next time.


TT Player Playing:
Just Stand Up-All Various Artists.
You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift.
Be With You-Akon.
(I'm madly in love with these song!)

My favorite old pics.
Reminisce about how close we were back then. :)