Wednesday, May 13, 2009

♥I'm Your Girl, You're My Girl & We're Your Girls. :)

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Hey people, i got a new blogskin.
Simple and I'm lovin' it! :)

Dearest MUMMY,
I always know you made alot of sacrifices because of us.
You're the greatest mum ever! Tsk tsk.
I promise you a comfortable life in the future.
Perhaps not luxury one, but it's the LOVE that matters, as you always teach us.

Anyway, Happy Belated Mother's Day to my greatest mum ever~
And i knew it's a long time since Mother's Day (pretty obvious) but hey, never too late to say ILY to mum right? XD

NEVERTHELESS, outing with my babes today.
While i were accompanying bff, Justhrin, to buy her lens, and you know i got nothing to do sitting down there, so i decided to cam-whore! =X
That was when i searched through my bag for my cellphone and realized that i forgot to bring it.
Holy Crap!
Not to mention i left my key behind as well.
Ah great! What a blur queen. *insert eye-rolling here*
Anyway, ll post up some pics soon. :)
And dont worry, J, i'll stop right here!
No more long-winded craps! :D

p/s; i finished my Heroes Season 3. Hence, have to wait until second half year for

season 4! OMFG.

That's it, then.
Until next time.


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Eminem-We Made You.
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