Sunday, March 29, 2009

*UPDATED* Gotta Rest. :(

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Did my test under expectation.
So, pray hard that i am not going to flunk. :S
Went to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic with bffs, Jac and June.
Movie that i longed for.
What to say, the movie was beyond GREAT!
Irresistable branded bags, sexy heels, knock-out outfits and stuffs are driving us CRAAAAZY~
And i do mean C-R-A-Z-Y.
Not to mention the Hero, so damn HOOOOOOOOOT!
I totally went gaga about him when he spoke the UK slang. *blush*
And i kept imagining living vicarously like Rebecca Bloomwood.
How great is that?
Um, of course minus the whole debt part. :p

We were salivating most of the time during the show.
I mean, for goodness sake, Isla Fisher's costumes were styled by the legendary Patricia Field, who also styled Sex and The City, Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty!

Zac Posen dress, Todd Oldham boots and Gucci bag.
P/S; i INSANELY LOVE the Gucci bag.Totally getting one, not until i graduate.Duh.

Miu Miu bag and Christian Dior shoes.

Oscar De la Renta blouse and Vivienne Westwood suit.
P/S; Personally LOVE the Vivienne Westwood suit! :)

D&G shirtdress and Christian Dior shoes.
P/S; Heart the D&G shirtdress. :)

Matthew Williamson Coat and Christian Dior blouse.
P/S; Dang it, I freaking LOVE this whole outfits.

Vintage jacket, Patricia Field dress.
P/S; Totally adorable! :)

Current time- 3.54AM.

I'm still awake, apparently.
And no, i have hardly enough strength to type.
Idk what kept me awake.
Anyone is willing to hypnotise me or at the very least read me a bedtime story? :(

Current time - 4.07AM.

Starting to feel panic.
I have to wake up early tomorrow (if you consider 12.30pm as early).
But i am still sitting here.
Test a.k.a disaster is looming, and i've been studying STATS the whole evening today.
Watched Victoria Secret's Runway in the afternoon.
Suppose to find myself in the dreaming status right now.
Staying up late recently makes my skin terribly unpresentable to the extend that i would not look into the mirror.

Current time - 4.20AM.

Peepies, i think i have to try curling myself up in my bed with a boring novel.
See if i can drop asleep.
Wish me luck, then.

Sweet Dream.

TT Player Playing:
You're Not Sorry - Taylor Swift.
Don't Wanna Try - Frankie J.

P/S; Playing my fave songs. Hopefully these can help.
OMG! 4.27AM (in a complete daze)