Friday, March 20, 2009

The Old Me's Dead And Gone.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪
Outing again, for ME+CHERYL celebration. WEee~

I was thrilled when Mr. Loo cancelled class on monday!
which means we're able to hang out. Geez~ :)

Was planning to go Gurney at first, and then plan changed.
Went QB AGAIN. Still, it was great fun.

Bffs on list:-
& Cheryl and her boyfriend.

I wanted to have a honesttogoodness shopping theraphy,
but you see, the threat of economic depression hangs over the world.
So we should be saving money instead of flings money about on unnecessary luxuries. :S

I wanna cam-whore with my ladies in the F21 but the biatch just dont let us to.

Lunch at Kim Gary; Dinner at Pizza Hut.

We even went Sunset Bistro afterwards!
Oh god, i just love chillin' there.
The scene of the beach was beautiful beyond expression and the unique decoration of the pub baffles description.
A flawless chime of romance and reality.

Enough said, i'll let the pics do the talks.

LOVE the skirts.
& ignore my retarded face expression. Duh.

Pretty face, Jac. :)))
Isnt she adorable?

Me. -.-
What a big difference. XD

The lovers.
Aww~ :)))

Dinner at Pizza Hut.

Sunset Bistro!
A MUST place to go.
The table located on the beach.

Fish! :)

We changed the table location.

The sweetheart.

The Hottie.

My Babes. :)))
They have enchanting smiles, dont they?
And i freaking love them!

The wackiest sexy! xD
Always make us ROFL. -.-

Take 1, failed!

Take 2, failed as well. -.-

We love chillin', babe!

p/s; i had haircut. My hair is real damn short now, and i do mean SHORT! T.T
I wanna take a nap right now. Toodles!

I cant believe i actually posted up these pics.
Looked fcking hedious here.