Friday, March 27, 2009

You're Such A Biatch! =/

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

There are too many differences in characteristics of people.
When you step out from your protected area, and get among the society, you will find this much frequent than ever.

Some are jolly good man(which possible, although unlikely), some are straightforward; some just like to gossip, BACKSTAB, and boycott.
Without a doubt, the third kind of people are sickening!
I met one recently.

Hey Look, whatever you want to gossip about, I DONT GIVE IT A DAMN, I DONT EVEN CARE!
Though the one you're backstabbing is one of YOUR BEST FRIEND!
I cant judge you because i dont even know you.
So i just stay aloof from your affairs.

And WTF we're not intimate enough and therefore, MY LIFE IS NONE OF YOUR CONCERN!
GET IT, biatch?!
Prying information about whether-i-gossip-you out of my friend?!
What a nerve!
Hey pal, do you think everyone as meddlesome-scheming-hypocrite as you are?
Always gossip and backstab your best friend behind them? After that boycotting them?
Well, well, well. Not wise.
Do you think you're very popular?
I believe in karma. What goes around comes around.
We'll see.

BTW, you're not so important to let me gossiping about, alright?!
Oh please, I dont even know you, how can i bad-mouth about you?!
And even i did, so what?!
It's not like you're kind and simple.
You know what, a clear conscience laughs at nonsense accusation.
So, if you dont resort any low cunning or done nothing wrong, why would you mind?
Might as well saying you're GUILTY.
I wonder whether you're a thorough weirdo, which i pretty sure you are.

Whoever i want to gather with and talk about, you better leave my business alone!
Mind your own affairs! Stop pissing me off.
Another FYI, i dont gossip about you when i'm with my friends, fine?!
But since what happened, i doubted.
Get a fcking life, girl!

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