Sunday, March 22, 2009

You're nothing, dude! =/

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Jesus christ! I dont know what happened to me.
I'm not in the mood of studying, completing my assignments and tutorials, and stuffs.

I'm not lazying around, i swear.
just... i somehow know something is going on and i dont feel happy about that, not even close.

You see, i'm not a puppet, okay?
I do have feelings. I can feel hurted, or sad.

And right now, that's how i felt.
Somebody just give me some damn pain-killing injections to make that feeling gone!
Yes, you can ask me to do whatever you wish me to because you think that's the best for me or even for all of us.

But you ignored MY OPINION, MY FEELINGS!

i understand what you are undergoing, but so do i.

Yet who's going to care about mine? Nobody.

I cant take this anymore!

Somebody, someone, or anyone, please rescue me out of these craps!
Please, please?

Thinking back how things used to be simple.

Why such condition is gone, for good?

Speaking of which, my bff, V, is struggling in IMU.

All the tests, assessment, reports, and stuffs she's confronting are way too tension than we could ever imagined.

Darling, i know you can tough it out!

And yes, it's difficult and it's killing as well but YOU HAVE US!
At the very least, here i am.

I wont let you to do all of these all by yourself. YOU HAVE MY WORD.

I used to remember how optimistic she was.

Nothing can take away her laughters or stress her out for more than 24 hours.

But as for now, i can tell she sounded muffled up when she called me during her tests.

So, i wont let that happened (that often).

I'll give her strength and courage, in fact anything she needs to get over the obstacles.

Simply because i love her.

Well, she's my bff after all. :))

P/S; B____ is such a jerk.

FYI, i'm not your whatsoever (and apparently i dont want to),
so mind your own business, alright?

In fact, you're so past tense for me right now.

And oh, about introducing me to your 'FRIEND', just so you know, I DONT GIVE IT A DAMN! Duh.

You CANT imagine how vain we could be.
What's even worst, i started to miss him already. T.T