Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy belated birthday, birthday girl. :)))))

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Have you ever felt like,
anything you had done come to nothing but fizzle out?

It's funny when i felt like i'm just about the happiest girl in the world,
you know, family beyond great, so-called sadly-beautiful love, and unbreakable friendships.
As time goes by, when you look back, everything is different!
Sometimes it gets better, otherwise it's disastrous.

Mine is the latter.
What even worse, i dont know what to do in order to make things turn right.
Goddamnit. i seriously need someone to guide me.
Well, one of my friends said you have to understand why this is happening and at the same time, try to accept the fact.
Though it's cruel sometimes.
Perhaps she/he's right.

Btw, yesterday was my birthday.
Thanks to those who celebrate my birthday with me.
And especially those who wished me.
V back from KL and she gave me a surprise by fetching me for a movie.
And she asked LeeMing along.
What a surprise!
I thought it supposed to be an old-friends gathering+celebration.
Too bad everyone has their business to attend to.
Wenli was sick.
LiHerng was grounded.
KhangWei was in Aimst and so on.

Dinner at Black-Canyon

Am going to celebrate today as well.
but likewise, everyone's not free.
Hopefully can make it tomorrow. :(
*Keeps my fingers crossed*

I got craving for so many snacks when i got back home.
I know i shouldnt really.

Memang profiteer.
Look at how big the box is.
While it actually contains just a thin slide of i-dont-know-what-is-that-called.
Wtf. -.-
But this makes me and mummy ROFL. xD

I freaking love this chocolate. :) *slurping*

p/s; guess what, i went buddha hall with family on my birthday! It was a great experience after all. :)))


Omfg, is that... DADDY??!! Lol, believe it or not?
Believe it. Geez~

That's it, then.
Until next time.