Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shoo you, Hollowness. :(

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Things were not the same since I back here.
All sorts of questions are playing on my mind.
Whether i ruined everything and stuffs.
I seriously do not know.
And i cant stop figuring out why.
The laughs and the talks we used to have are no longer present.
There has been a vacuum in my hostel life.
My room looks deserted most of the time.
I feel like everyone's putting a mask on so as to defense oneself.
My world is strangely unreal right now.

I do understand why.
Peoples nowadays have the audacity to betray even their dearest one in order to get what they want.
The lurking suspicion, the scheming, the low cunning, the backstabbings, tricks and stuffs are making our hearts sink.
We cant overlook human-being's hideous mind-set.

It's distressing to see my girl being emo.
I've not seen her smiles for a month of Sundays.
I hope that me or someone could cheer her up.
And i keep my fingers crossed so that the her annoying insomnia will soon ravel out.
God bless :)

Tuning into: Gym Class Heroes/The Dream - Cookie Jar