Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Is The Last Straw.

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

My heart is really really fcking bleeding.
Enough said.

Get to know some new friends.
Daia, YiXin, and so on.
In case the hotties i mentioned are reading my blog, so hellooo ladies! You guys are awesome! Geez~ :)
Was very happy last night, not until this morning.
Well, that doesnt matter anymore.

Okay now i'm posting up some pics i took in KL.
Oh, the KL trip, it was long time ago, during my holiday -.-
Lol, alright alright, i so damn KNOW i'm extremely-exceedingly-absolutely a procrastinator!
So, dont remind me again xD
In a nutshell, here we go, let's the pics do the talks babe~

p/s; went cousin's hostel and cousin's house for the first few days. After that, went IMU,

which is bff, V's U and hostel. I LOVE to take LRT with her! :)

Cousin's hostel room.

Cousin's hostel living room.

Creative huh~ a nice corner for reading magazines.
And a nice 'desk' for the pc. Geez~

A very nice place to have dinner. Beautiful yet relaxing.
It's just beside the seashore.
Technically saying this 'restaurant' is on the beach.
You can take a stroll by the seashore if you like it.
Thumbs up for the food!

PS-ing with cousins! It was really fun.
I so wanted to play PS once i got home. Yippie~

The Curve's parking lots.
That is cool. Aww, so considerate~ :)

Chris's the Nice Man~
Oh yes, cook for me. Geez~ :)

Looks attempting, isnt it?

Kim Gary in Mid Valley.
So crowded and the spaces are so narrow!

Ho Chiak recommended this restaurant.

V's lunch.

My lunch.

Kai Xin's lunch.

Thumbs up for the food as well! :)

That's it, then.
Until next time. :)

Tuning into: If I Aint Got You-Alicia Keys