Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Drama Mama. :p

♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

I'm sick of my blogskin.
Been to many websites and found out they have GREAAAAT one.
Eeee, i'd like those too~ *whining whining whining*
Well, well. As to prevent such desire from gnawing at me constantly, i decided to make myself a brand-new-uber-cool one, RIGHT AFTER MY TEST!
Geez~ :)

Speaking of which, I havent start to study STAT yet.
My idleness made me wanna PUKE sia!
As everyone says, IDLENESS-root of EVIL!
So, for god's sake, Caryne, can you just break this out?! ROAR
Be good, even for O-N-C-E, alright?
Unh unh, dont tell me you cant make it.
Movies, ps, chillin', shopping theraphy and blah blah blah can wait. Yes, they are.
So, grasp all of your notes and start SWALLOWING every chapters!
Sounds disgusting, ewww~ :S

I'd like to go Sunset Bistro in the evening.
The beauty of the scene there fill people with enchantment, i can tell.
Well, i never been there on evening, but i really can tell from my friends' pics!

p/s; i'm thinking whether to straighten my hair after i finish my Schwarzkopf.
Though i know my mum'd nag at me IF i do so.
Errrr, neither do bffs, J&J (Justhrin & Jac). :p
And i miss my long hair, somehow.
J (Justhrin) is so obsessed with the hair extension.
Um, actually, it's fake hair piece.
I sort of, you know, staggering abit sia~ xD

FYI, i hate staying in my own room because i found out something that i never want to know.
This is really heartbreaking but in the meantime, i'm offended.
How i wish i can change a r_______.
I realized that i spent ALOT of time at J's (Juthrin) room and i so afraid that i would cause them trouble.

Enjoying movie, Wild Child, with J.
Which J? You guess. :)

That's it, then.
Until next time.