Tuesday, March 24, 2009


♥` Live for My Dream.. ♪

Some very old pic with ma sweetheart. :)

WATTHEFISH, i'm sick.
Having sore-throat and i HATE it.
Bff, J (Jaclyn), said my body is giving me you're-going-to-sick-unless-you-drink-alot-of-water hint.
So, i start to drink like GALLONS of water.
Well, anything to heal this.

J gave me the sore-throat pills as well.
Thanks, dear~ :)
The pill is so cool as it can paralyse my mouth and all the way to my throat. O_O
Thus i taste nothing currently. LOL.

Am superduper-extremely-exceedingly-ultra exhausted.
Still, i have to go back to my assignments. OMFG =X
Might as well buck up and snuggle up together with ma breaddy and Phyphy. :)
So, toodles!

I'm CRAZY in love with this pic.
When i mean crazy, it's totally CRAZYYYYYYYY! :)